Duff’d Out

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I have never experienced anything in my blogging career quite like this past month on HilaryNews.com.

Hilary Duff is in the middle of launching her new album, ‘Dignity’, and for about a month and a half has been ramping up her promotions. Going around Europe for their earlier launch, doing up to 8 photoshoots a day (!!), doing radio shows, launching new websites all over the world, running contests, and this week, going on tv at least twice a day. The album comes out on Tuesday, so sadly, I know this is just the start.

Seriously, I have never seen such marketing prowess in the world of entertainment.

But I am Duff’d out. With about 200 posts in March so far, and one post shy of 30 today alone, I am hitting my Duff max. That’s just a lot of frickin’ posts to push out. And most of them have at minimum half a dozen photos. Oy.

Thankfully I finished up two blogs for the week this morning. Tonight I will tackle three more. Wish me luck.

Can’t wait for the weekend. Just a leeettle burnt out. ;)

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One Response to “Duff’d Out”

  1. This is so different from my own blogging experience, which doesn’t involve me getting directly paid for it. Even when blogging for work (which I’m on hiatus from doing since I’m on a medical leave), I didn’t feel that kind of pressure.

    I guess any job is a job!

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