Finding a balance

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I have been swamped these past few weeks with so much to do. Life seems to hand over a lot at once to test our sanity, it would seem. I will rant now on all that I’ve been doing.

I can’t complain over much about my work. I do love what I do and enjoy it every day. But I admit I’ve been doing too much of it, too many hours, and extending it into my weekend. Bad me.

Very rarely do my particular entertainment sites overlap in their waves of information flow. This month they have all been spiking up, requiring a significant increase in my post frequency. Hilary Duff, for example, takes about 10 posts per day right now. That’s a fair amount. I get very frustrated, but also have immense respect for her amazing marketing skills. The payback is worth it – a community that thrives and appreciates the work is satisfying.

My health is a rollercoaster. There are ups – like a reduction in my medication for my arm as a result of successful Nucca chiropractic treatments – and the downs. I suffer more from neck weakness and back pain and a significant increase in migraines. I have lost a lot of muscle tone in this past year of my health problems. It will be a slow road to recovery. It’s been quite frustrating to be on so many ups and downs, which are for the most part out of my control.

We have been planning a good deal for our home. We are settling in quite nicely – though still have no couch – and are happy here. We also just planned our anniversary – can you believe we’ve been married a year already? We plan to go for a romantic weekend away to the Sunshine Coast. Getting "off the grid" will be a welcome treat.

With our dedication to our work, our attempts to spend time together, the work on our home, and my ongoing health care, there seems very little time to relax and enjoy things – like our blogs – and create interesting projects of our own. You might be thinking, why do we want to do more work? Well, it’s not work. Things that bubble in your head are exciting and enticing and fun to work on. But we come last in our list of things to do.

Oh and taxes. I hate taxes. And I’m sure Ianiv will concur with that, since he’s the one with the accounting software ;)

Now, I think I have "checked my email" for long enough now and should call it a night.


One Response to “Finding a balance”

  1. It sounds like all work and no play. This is common when you truly enjoy your livelihood. Your favorite pastimes are your work and your work is your favorite pastime and now you’re stressed because you’re always working. I work from home and spend 18 hours a day in my bedroom, including sleep. If I didn’t have a wife and two little boys I would work myself to death and I don’t think I would ever have any fun. Having a loving family forces me to stop working and just have fun and I find that works best for me. I’m not saying to have kids yet. We waited 5 years after marriage for that, but it sure turned our lives around. I’m not one to offer advice, but if I were in your position, I would focus on what is absolutely important and let the small stuff go. Then, I would create goals for my work knowing that there is a reward for completing that goal. The rewards for me are small, but rewarding :-), like dinner, or a day trip with the kids. It will always give you something to shoot for and keep your work in perspective.

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