Mika’s Grace Kelly

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Mika’s Grace Kelly from the Life in Cartoon Motion album.

I don’t know why I like it. Truth be told, it’s an incredibly annoying song. But I like it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here is the music video
(the kid is adorable):

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Kiss YouTube: the easiest way to download YouTube files

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I get asked, quite a lot on the celebrity blogs, how to download YouTube files. Die hard fans like to keep mega folders of videos, mp3s and pictures. It was never all that easy to explain.

Now I can recommend Kiss YouTube

  1. Go to the page on YouTube of the video you want to download
    e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvUeMRL_i-g
  2. Alter the URL to have ‘kiss’ in front of YouTube
    e.g. http://www.kissyoutube.com/watch?v=ZvUeMRL_i-g
  3. Follow the instructions to save on that page

I have to admit I’ll use this myself. I was using VideoDownloader, a Firefox extension, but this is even easier.

I can understand the reasons behind not wanting to enable file saving, but if I can easily explain why pictures increase the fan experience, I can thus do the same for video ;)

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Cory Doctorow: The Totalitarian Urge

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A few hours ago Arieanna and I went to hear Cory Doctorow give a talk called “Cory Doctorow: The Totalitarian Urge: total information awareness and the cosmic billiards”. He describes it:

“It’s about how technology changes the way we view social problems,” says Doctorow. “Older mechanical technologies make us see the world as deterministic, knowable and manipulable. New emergent technologies like the Internet teach us that control is an illusion, the universe is out of control and laughing at us, and that the more we watch and control, the more problems we have.”

He talked about things like DRM, privacy, Copyright and how this all comes together to change the way we live now and what the future may hold if we let governments and corporations do as they like, unchecked. More control is not always better.

I recorded the lecture and you can download download an mp3 from the Internet Archive

On my way home yesterday…

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A beautiful rainbow, right above my house.

Milk Tolerance Gene Found

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The BBC reports that prior to a few thousand years ago, no European adults could digest milk. Scientists from the University College London says that a gene spread through the population allowing more than 90% of Europeans to digest milk.

Since milk intolerance is still common, the scientists believe it to be related to this "milk gene." This gene produces the lactase enzyme which breaks down the lactose in milk.

Dr Mark Thomas, from UCL, said: "The ability to drink milk is the most advantageous trait that’s evolved in Europeans in the recent past.

"Although the benefits of milk tolerance are not fully understood, they probably include the advantage of a continuous supply compared with the ‘boom and bust’ of seasonal crops, its nourishing qualities, and the fact that, unlike stream water, it’s uncontaminated with parasites, making it safer.

In Europe, this gene is not present in 5% of the Caucasian population, but in other parts of the world and for other ethnicities, this gene may not be present for the majority of the population.

It’s an interesting study into our history of animal husbandry and evolution. Will be interesting to see how it plays out in our future of gene therapy. 

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Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds: Sumseeds

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I don’t think I ever expected to find caffeine associated with sunflower seeds. Meet Sumseeds:


Just odd, if you ask me…

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Vista brute-force activation

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The Inquirer is reporting that the supposedly unhackable Vista activation has been cracked. You can use a simple utility that does a brute-force attack, trying different keys until one works and then you activate it manually. The procedure may take many hours but it supposedly works eventually.

Like the article says, it will be a big problem when people who have bought Vista cannot activate their copy because someone else already used that code. And maybe this is already happening. I know someone who bough a brand new HP laptop from BestBuy, and when he tried to activate it he was told his code wasn’t valid. Couldn’t even get it activated on the phone with MS, they basically told him he is out of luck. It doesn’t matter that he actually paid for the “privilege” of using Vista.

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