You have to see ‘Hot Fuzz’!!

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On Saturday we went to watch ‘Hot Fuzz‘. Now, I had pretty low expectations for the movie. I mean, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was just a classic and quite funny, but also blatantly silly.

Hot Fuzz – I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The plot is nothing special, but the characters! SO good! The pop culture references are great, but all through the movie you build up a bunch of random knowledge that, in the end, comes together in the most funny ways. The last half hour of the movie is the best, by far.

A lot of comic tension kept building in the theater. We’d laugh and laugh, but there is one scene that, at the end, you just see coming, and everyone just burst out laughing and clapping. An amazing reception.

Check out the trailer:

For those of you who have seen it, you should check out their website.

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Our new couch

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Our couch finally arrived yesterday! We ordered it back on January 12th, if you can believe it. It took a very long time to get here. But I’ll reserve that story for another post.

For now, I am just happy the couch is here and we no longer have to sit on the floor or in camping chairs! The couch is made by Kroehler.

Our New Couch

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Facebook & Twitter?

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An open invitation to any developer out there with some free time:

Please make Twitter play with Facebook!

Twitter, in and of itself, it not much use to me. It’s too single-purpose. However, if it could be plugged into Facebook then I’d use it.

Facebook has it’s own "status" area in which you update what you’re doing. Since that is Twitter’s purpose, I would like to see someone create a Twitterific-ish program that enables me to remotely update both my Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Any takers?

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Heroes tonight!

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Yay, it’s finally back! Heroes returns tonight and I am far past excited.

I have been hearing all about this episode for what feels like many many weeks. It’s going to be a good one.

If you want to be spoiled, read here.


Creepy Teddy Bear

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Ok, I’ve seen some seriously messed up and evil looking teddy bears out this. But this one just ups the creepiness scale.

Designed by Philippe Starck, it’s called the TeddyBearBand. Cute name and perhaps cute concept. But I think it would freak me out as a kid to see a bear with a bunny for a hand and a dog for a foot.

Philippe Starck: “In my opinion, an overabundance of toys fosters infidelity. Instead of forming a lasting attachment to one toy, the child flits ever faster from one to another, the greater the number of toys, the more frantic the pace. There is no reason that, later on, he or she should treat people, a friend or a lover any differently. As an advocate of the one-true-love approach, I dreamt of a single toy that would serve as an apprenticeship for the lasting human relationships that await our children. A surreal toy, TeddyBearBand stimulates the imagination, considerabily more than any mere plush bear. It removes love and friendship from the realm of disposable emotions”.

That’s all very good and dandy. But this is more a social commentary and if reductionism is the key, simply buy one far less creepy bear. The bear is not the solution in an of itself. No?

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Bomb threat at SFU

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SFU is under a security advisory for a bomb threat.

A threat was phoned in about an hour ago. Employees and students are encouraged to report any concerns to campus security.

Read more on NowPublic

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Working outside!

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A first for the season – working outside! Yesterday we scrubbed the crap out of the top deck to remove any shade of green, and with the new table and chairs and a directors share from Costco today, and a few plants, it’s looking quite nice.

We still need to powerwash it. Remove the really ground in dirt. And we still need to remove some rotten planters, add some more plants, and put up an umbrella and a bench. But hey, I cannot complain. It’s nice to be outside!

And even more fun – my cats are with me! The cats are both completely indoor kitties. But since the top deck is completely enclosed and there are no gaps for them to squeeze out of onto the roof, so long as I am here to prevent them jumping, I am happy to give them some time outside.

Nala is loving it. She was scratching and meowing at the door to be let out. Guinness, our scaredy cat, is taking it a bit more slow. He’s made one very slow rotation around the patio so far.

Welcome to spring :)

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