Creepy Teddy Bear

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Ok, I’ve seen some seriously messed up and evil looking teddy bears out this. But this one just ups the creepiness scale.

Designed by Philippe Starck, it’s called the TeddyBearBand. Cute name and perhaps cute concept. But I think it would freak me out as a kid to see a bear with a bunny for a hand and a dog for a foot.

Philippe Starck: “In my opinion, an overabundance of toys fosters infidelity. Instead of forming a lasting attachment to one toy, the child flits ever faster from one to another, the greater the number of toys, the more frantic the pace. There is no reason that, later on, he or she should treat people, a friend or a lover any differently. As an advocate of the one-true-love approach, I dreamt of a single toy that would serve as an apprenticeship for the lasting human relationships that await our children. A surreal toy, TeddyBearBand stimulates the imagination, considerabily more than any mere plush bear. It removes love and friendship from the realm of disposable emotions”.

That’s all very good and dandy. But this is more a social commentary and if reductionism is the key, simply buy one far less creepy bear. The bear is not the solution in an of itself. No?

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One Response to “Creepy Teddy Bear”

  1. aree says:

    wow, never come out in my mind that Philippe Starck designed this creepy (yes, I agree with you) Teddy bear. as far as I remember, Philippe Starck always come out with pretty designs, but not this one. oh no…

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