Facebook & Twitter?

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An open invitation to any developer out there with some free time:

Please make Twitter play with Facebook!

Twitter, in and of itself, it not much use to me. It’s too single-purpose. However, if it could be plugged into Facebook then I’d use it.

Facebook has it’s own "status" area in which you update what you’re doing. Since that is Twitter’s purpose, I would like to see someone create a Twitterific-ish program that enables me to remotely update both my Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Any takers?

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6 Responses to “Facebook & Twitter?”

  1. Ian McKenzie says:

    I was having an e-mail discussion on this same issue yesterday. (Great minds and all ;) ). I’d be happy if Facebook’s Status Update worked more like Twitter.

  2. Alex Foster says:

    I’ve been having thoughts along these lines today – largely because Facebook doesn’t seem to like British mobile phone networks.

    Certainly, you could set Twitter’s RSS feed to be the feed that gets imported into your “notes” section – provided a) twitter was set to let strangers read your feed and b) you weren’t already using your import anyway.

  3. Shai Coggins says:

    My thoughts exactly! :-)

    I actually left Twitter because I found it useless. But, ‘am definitely loving Facebook. I was also thinking about that “status” thing and thinking what you just wrote.

    Anyway, have a good trip!

  4. Austin says:

    try http://fbtwit.com

    It should take your facebook and move it to twitter automatically… but going from twitter to facebook is impossible because facebook doesn’t allow posting from the api.

    I keep fbtwit in my bookmark bar and click it whenever I update my facebook status.

  5. Rich Tatum says:

    Check out Twitterbook, to update your Twitter feed with FB status updates:



  6. Lamp says:

    The thing with fbtwit and twitterbook, is that it isn’t automatic, both require you to run the script each time an ‘update’ is done. =/

    twitterfeed.com works well, if you put the facebook status feed in it, it will auto-update every 30 minutes (shortest time), but it will include the “Lamp is” section in the twit. =/

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