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I have continued my pillow saga to a new frontier – the Therapeutica Pillow is my latest acquisition.

The down pillow served me well. It was the only pillow which allowed my head to sink down far enough to release strain on my neck. But it had no support whatsoever. After two recent incidents of waking up with a twisted/tilted head (quite literally) I decided enough was enough.

Dr. Foran recommended a new type of pillow. The Therapuetica Pillow, which is made in Canada. 

Yes, it looks crazy. The side portions are raised for side sleeping – higher than traditional so you don’t slouch your shoulders or neck. Also has cavities to ensure the jaw relaxes. The centre is contoured for back sleeping. The wedge bit is a different support from other foam pillows with the roll formation, to gently lift the neck but not strain it.

It feels weird. Slightly hard to get used to in terms of positioning. But once I’m asleep, I’m asleep. And without pain. So though I may find it uncomfortable, it is not painful. Something I cannot say for the other half dozen pillows I have tried.

I am confident I am doing something good for my neck by sleeping correctly. I am hesitant to sleep on my side still, since my last 10 minute side snooze on the old pillow caused me to go off balance by 33lbs, but my initial testing of the side sections was comfortable. Perhaps some day when my muscles are not quite so weak I’ll give side sleeping a shot.

I am tempted to also get the travel pillow, which is a mini version with only the back sleeping portion. And heavy travelers might want to consider the commuter pillow.

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6 Responses to “Therapeutica Pillow”

  1. Yes, it looks crazy.

    I disagree, it looks thoroughly logical and brilliant (said the male engineer geek :-)).

  2. Amy Seyler says:

    I have used the Therapeutica Pillow for two months and love it. It looks weird and may not be as soft as I like, but I no longer wake up with pain in my neck and shoulders. For years I had many sleepless painful nights and woke up in misery. I too had tried one pillow after another, but my search has come to an end. It may take several weeks for your body to adjust to sleeping correctly, but I think it is a pillow worth purchasing.

  3. Norma Rae says:

    On the suggestion from my chiropractor, and after trying various pillows over the years, I have now used a therapeutica pillow for several years and while initially it took me quite awhile to get used to it, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I even take it on vacation with me and find it is the only pillow I can sleep on comfortably. It not only makes perfect sense, it works…

  4. Dr. Bellamy says:

    Being a chiropractic doctor, I must have tried EVERY pillow out there for years. Several years ago, I tried the Therapeutica pillow, and it has been the only one I have used in the last five to seven years. I recommend it to all my patients without reservation.

  5. David Edwards says:

    Both my wife and I have used Therapeutic pillows for over 10 years. We originally purchased ours from “The Shopping Channel”. They are the best pillows available anywhere. It takes a little getting used to when turning from your side onto your back or vice versa but the pillow is fantastic for sleeping comfort unless you sleep on your stomach. These pillows are made for side and back sleepers. I am in the process of getting a new one and would highly recommend this pillow to anyone who sleeps on their side and or back.

  6. Fred Beahm says:

    I have been using a Theraputica pillow since 2003. I am about to purchance my next one. I even insist on traveling with it. I got used to it fairly quickly and my neck thanks me for it.

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