Working outside!

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A first for the season – working outside! Yesterday we scrubbed the crap out of the top deck to remove any shade of green, and with the new table and chairs and a directors share from Costco today, and a few plants, it’s looking quite nice.

We still need to powerwash it. Remove the really ground in dirt. And we still need to remove some rotten planters, add some more plants, and put up an umbrella and a bench. But hey, I cannot complain. It’s nice to be outside!

And even more fun – my cats are with me! The cats are both completely indoor kitties. But since the top deck is completely enclosed and there are no gaps for them to squeeze out of onto the roof, so long as I am here to prevent them jumping, I am happy to give them some time outside.

Nala is loving it. She was scratching and meowing at the door to be let out. Guinness, our scaredy cat, is taking it a bit more slow. He’s made one very slow rotation around the patio so far.

Welcome to spring :)

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