Pac-Man Skeleton

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It’s a Pac-Man day. First, I added the Pac-Man game to my Facebook profile – I love the new apps – and here, the Pac-Man skeleton. Kinda creepy.


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Eggs are not dairy…

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Our friend Gloria is allergic to dairy products. And you’d be surprised just how many waitresses believe that eggs are dairy. Whenever we go out, Gloria puts up front that she cannot have dairy. And, whether it’s mayo (egg-based) or eggs themselves, waitresses tell her that her order contains eggs. Why, yes, of course – because eggs are not dairy. They come from a chicken.

This weekend, we caught one such instance on video:

Even on Yahoo Answers, it comes up:

Are eggs classified as ‘dairy’ products? If not, what are they?

This answer is a good one, but it still doesn’t explain to me how people think eggs come from a cow.

Eggs and milk products are in some circumstances grouped together under the heading of dairy, probably because fresh eggs were often sold by milkmen. For example, the Open Directory Project at one point listed cooking eggs as a subcategory of cooking dairy products. However, dictionary definitions of "dairy" are limited to milk products and, as a result, will always exclude eggs and egg products.

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Spidey 3 – did you like it?

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We saw Spiderman 3 on Saturday. I was kinda ‘meh’ over the whole thing. The first one was cool. The second not so much. This one was maybe better than the 2nd, but it was not outstanding.

I did enjoy the corny scenes of the pimped-up Spidey, but really… not such a huge thing. The plot took for-ever. It seemed entirely too drawn out. The effects were pretty good, I’ll admit that. But I didn’t leave the theatre with the "OMG, that was SO great" kind of feeling.

And yet, it’s leading at the box office. Go figure.

What did you think?

On another note, in terms of movies making it to their 3rd edition, I am actually really excited about Shrek 3. Who couldn’t be? It’s hilarious! I hope they have good bonus song scenes at the end. And the gingerbread man pooping out the jellybean when he was scared – priceless!

Here are the trailers for Shrek 3:

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Afternoon break

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If you’ve been working as hard as I have these past few days, you could use a break.

So, along those lines, here’s a new b5 blog for all the gals out there: hunky blog – sexy guys, and only sexy guys. It’s about time we had a celeb blog just for the guys! I love it!

There’s Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, James Franco… all written by the ever witty Wendy Boswell.

I don’t pimp our blogs all that much here, but I am truly truly excited about this one. I love finding a niche that’s not exploited! And a fun one, at that! It’s like cute overload… but with hunks ;)

We’re now at 43 blogs covering celebs & entertainment. Can’t wait to break 50!

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4400 Fan of the Week

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Well, isn’t this sweet. I am featured on USA Network’s 4400 page as "Fan of the Week"

You can check out my profile here. We get a lovely little link over to our 4400 site, which suits me just fine ;)

Definitely think that over 500 posts (myself and Alexandra) about The 4400 qualify me as a fan.

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Free Wireless!

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I’m sitting at my WestJet gate and, to my surprise, free wireless! There is a pay telus one. But a free one named "YVR-PUB" – very nice YVR!

It’s way too early in the morning, though, to be answering email ;)

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SeatGuru – my new best friend

Posted in Software – if you travel often, or are uncomfortable in your rare travels, you need to use this site.

SeatGuru will tell you where the best seats are – and the worst ones, too. I just checked in to my flight tomorrow and was able to select a seat in the best row – I just specified my airline and the plane type (all provided with the ticket) and it put up a diagram with info on all the seats. Click here to see my plane tomorrow. I selected 12C.

The diagram told me that Row 12 had extra leg room. The seat may be less padded, but that’s ok by me. I hate the way they pad airplane seats. I mean, what’s with the headrest? I hate how they push your head forward instead of cradling it.

Anyway, I am hoping for a good flight.

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