Eggs are not dairy…

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Our friend Gloria is allergic to dairy products. And you’d be surprised just how many waitresses believe that eggs are dairy. Whenever we go out, Gloria puts up front that she cannot have dairy. And, whether it’s mayo (egg-based) or eggs themselves, waitresses tell her that her order contains eggs. Why, yes, of course – because eggs are not dairy. They come from a chicken.

This weekend, we caught one such instance on video:

Even on Yahoo Answers, it comes up:

Are eggs classified as ‘dairy’ products? If not, what are they?

This answer is a good one, but it still doesn’t explain to me how people think eggs come from a cow.

Eggs and milk products are in some circumstances grouped together under the heading of dairy, probably because fresh eggs were often sold by milkmen. For example, the Open Directory Project at one point listed cooking eggs as a subcategory of cooking dairy products. However, dictionary definitions of "dairy" are limited to milk products and, as a result, will always exclude eggs and egg products.

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2 Responses to “Eggs are not dairy…”

  1. ericsboy says:

    bock, bock, bock, MOOOOO????

    That doesn’t even sound right! Sheesh!

  2. Chris says:

    Hi. I stumbled here on a pac-man image search and ended up reading your message about the egg thing. Really, how stupid are people? Overcautious maybe? A chicken isn’t even a mammal…… Warm blooded maybe, but definately not a cow. And they do not make milk. Anyway, seeyas.

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