Spidey 3 – did you like it?

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We saw Spiderman 3 on Saturday. I was kinda ‘meh’ over the whole thing. The first one was cool. The second not so much. This one was maybe better than the 2nd, but it was not outstanding.

I did enjoy the corny scenes of the pimped-up Spidey, but really… not such a huge thing. The plot took for-ever. It seemed entirely too drawn out. The effects were pretty good, I’ll admit that. But I didn’t leave the theatre with the "OMG, that was SO great" kind of feeling.

And yet, it’s leading at the box office. Go figure.

What did you think?

On another note, in terms of movies making it to their 3rd edition, I am actually really excited about Shrek 3. Who couldn’t be? It’s hilarious! I hope they have good bonus song scenes at the end. And the gingerbread man pooping out the jellybean when he was scared – priceless!

Here are the trailers for Shrek 3:

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One Response to “Spidey 3 – did you like it?”

  1. Victoria says:

    Well it is ok but not something great to look at.

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