Pirates knocked up Shrek?

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Well, you learn something new every day ;)

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MizPee Washroom Locator

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MizPee - the site that tells you where to go when you gotta go.

MizPee finds the closest, cleanest toilet and gives you entertaining reading material once you get there. Since the service is cell phone-based, it’s always with you, when you really need it.

I could tell them so many places to go in Vancouver. It can be super frustrating though. Like, if you are on Robson, where can you go? Nothing is public. So, I zip into Starbucks or Sears, whichever is closer.

Right now, MizPee only works in the US. It will tell you the closest public toilets, as well as those places of business where you can do your business. Like my Starbucks trick.

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Signup for BarCamp Vancouver 2007

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BarCamp Vancouver is happening this year on August 17 and 18 and the signup page is now live.

BarCamp is an un-conference where every attendee is encourage to give a presentation or help with one. The schedule is decided by the participants on the day the event starts. Last year’s BarCamp was awesome, so you do not want to miss it this time. There are over 50 people signed up already, so hurry up!

Gastown Photowalk Video

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Last week I went on a photowalk around Gastown with a bunch of awesome people. I took some video of the event and put together a short clip with some highlights. In particular, I wanted to get Jordan Behan’s first impressions of the Nikon D80 that Nikon sent to him to try out. He had just received it that morning and was using it for the first time in the photowalk. You can see what he has to say at the end of the clip.

Click To Play

In the end Jordan may have been a little confused, but he was certainly very happy to have the chance to play with the camera. I wouldn’t mind playing with one myself (Nikon: *hint, hint*) ;)

NY Times on Pro Blogging

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The NY Times did a spread on blogging as a career entitled "Can Blogs Become a Big Source of Jobs?". b5media is heavily featured in the article. And I get my own little feature in there too, although they didn’t use my name. I’m clearly the "entertainment writer, who is also an editor", and can even say that I’ve pulled in figures this past month a few hundred thousand pageviews higher.

It would have rocked to be named in there, but it’s still great to have the reference. I think the article does a good job making the blogging-for-a-living concept realistic. It can be a great career, but as yet it’s not something you can just "jump into" and expect a full-time salary. Although many jobs are now being posted for corporate bloggers, as yet this is still usually not a full-time gig, but rather a part of another job title.

That said, companies like b5 are giving people opportunities to make money from blogging much easier and faster than before. The "network effect" means that new blogs and bloggers grow much more quickly, and you reap the rewards from your effort much more quickly than you would on your own. Couple that with not having to fuss about technology, and the benefits of being a part of a community there to support you and help you excel, blogging becomes much more of a feasible job opportunity.

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As-is bargains from Ikea

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Arieanna and I went to Ikea today to buy a new tabletop that I can use as a desk. The old desk was too small, but it was the only way it could fit in our old apartment. It was made out of some plywood from Home Depot and adjustable height legs from Ikea; fixed height desks are always too short or too high for me.

On Thursday I bought a 22″ LCD display and as you can see in the picture above, the desk was just too small to fit everything so I had to get something larger. Originally I thought about buying more wood and making another desk as before, but then Arieanna convinced me to just go to Ikea and buy a tabletop.

So we drove there this morning and found a decent tabletop for about $70. But, lucky for us, before buying it we went to take a look at the as-is section. There we found this piece from some unknown Ikea model, same color and size as the tabletop, with no visible damage, for just $8.00! Now I can work much more comfortably, without feeling crowded.

We also found a headboard for the guest bedroom for $4.00. It has some scratches, but nothing really major or that cannot be fixed.
Where else can you buy a brand new desk and headboard for $12.00?

Castle Wars

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Ianiv showed me a very silly addicting game last night called Castle Wars:

It’s a simple game you can play against the computer or with others online. The goal is to build your castle to 100 first or destroy your opponent’s castle. You are dealt cards for building, war, or sorcery and must play them according to your points. Good time waster of a game.

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