As-is bargains from Ikea

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Arieanna and I went to Ikea today to buy a new tabletop that I can use as a desk. The old desk was too small, but it was the only way it could fit in our old apartment. It was made out of some plywood from Home Depot and adjustable height legs from Ikea; fixed height desks are always too short or too high for me.

On Thursday I bought a 22″ LCD display and as you can see in the picture above, the desk was just too small to fit everything so I had to get something larger. Originally I thought about buying more wood and making another desk as before, but then Arieanna convinced me to just go to Ikea and buy a tabletop.

So we drove there this morning and found a decent tabletop for about $70. But, lucky for us, before buying it we went to take a look at the as-is section. There we found this piece from some unknown Ikea model, same color and size as the tabletop, with no visible damage, for just $8.00! Now I can work much more comfortably, without feeling crowded.

We also found a headboard for the guest bedroom for $4.00. It has some scratches, but nothing really major or that cannot be fixed.
Where else can you buy a brand new desk and headboard for $12.00?

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