MizPee Washroom Locator

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MizPee - the site that tells you where to go when you gotta go.

MizPee finds the closest, cleanest toilet and gives you entertaining reading material once you get there. Since the service is cell phone-based, it’s always with you, when you really need it.

I could tell them so many places to go in Vancouver. It can be super frustrating though. Like, if you are on Robson, where can you go? Nothing is public. So, I zip into Starbucks or Sears, whichever is closer.

Right now, MizPee only works in the US. It will tell you the closest public toilets, as well as those places of business where you can do your business. Like my Starbucks trick.

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2 Responses to “MizPee Washroom Locator”

  1. luciano says:

    Great news for my kids!!!

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