Olympic athletes may blog again

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It looks like the IOC is changing its mind about the ban on blogs written by athletes during the Olympic Games. Currently, the rules prohibit athletes from working as journalists and that includes writing on the internet.

The IOC Press Commission, chaired by Australian Kevan Gosper, is set to recommend that the IOC’s powerful executive board drop its opposition to athletes writing blogs during the Games when it meets in November.

If the recommendation is approved athletes will still have to comply to strict rules such as not making any money and not criticising coaches or other athletes. They will also not be allowed to publish any video taken inside official Olympic venues. The main concerns being not giving a free platform for unofficial sponsors and not undermining the TV coverage by the official broadcasters.

If all goes well, athletes will be able to write on their blogs during the 2008 games in Beijing.

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One Response to “Olympic athletes may blog again”

  1. Dave O says:

    This is only sensible! How can athletes be expected to NOT share their experience? Would a private blog or email list to family/sponsors etc. be banned? Any athlete who makes it to the Games does so because of massive support from folks back home who do so so they can follow along and feel paticipatroy in the event. I think this was paranoia from broadcasters – in fact Ross Rebagliati told me that athletes were encouraged to post to the web during the 98 games in Nagano.

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