Brand Irony by Sharad Haksar

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Sharad Haksar and agency 1pointsize took this photograph as an example of the ironic use of brands in India. I like this one because it works on so many levels – not just the boy making use of the wall, but also the fact that he has no shoes at all, let alone Nike shoes.

Sharad’s website features many more examples of these marketing-meets-life contrasts. A Coca-Cola ad next to a water pump and pitchers. Bose speakers tied to a tree.

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Photos from the Vancouver Water Fight

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Today Arieanna and I went down to Stanley Park to participate in the water fight flashmob happening near the lumberman’s arch. Only a fraction of the thousands of people in the Facebook event showed up, so no records were broken, but I think we all had a blast. Everyone was running around and screaming like little kids, having lots of fun, enjoying the cool water on a hot day.

There was a large variety of water guns, from little dollar store ones and spray bottles, to big super soakers and even 1 or 2 home made contraptions. We stopped at Walmart and bought some cheap ones that had a decent size water tank. My cellphone got really wet and went into permanent vibrate mode and it doesn’t want to stay on for more than a few seconds anymore. Luckily I can use Arieanna’s old phone which is exactly the same as mine.

We also had a waterproof disposable camera and I’ve put the pictures on Flickr in this set.

I haven’t had this much fun outside in a while

Then we went to Home Depot and bought a toilet. Is it weird that I’m excited about getting a new toilet?

Active Release Technique & Updates

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For the past month, I have been getting Active Release Technique/Therapy (ART) sessions done on my neck by a chiropractor in North Van.

ART is a massage technique which focuses on the soft tissue system: muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. All the things that I have problems with.

My chronic pain has been quite a burden for the past 6 months. Although I was making some progress healing from the second whiplash injury in January, the muscle tension and scarring were still a major problem, and in some ways were getting worse as the muscles grew weaker. I had been having sporradic success with the NUCCA treatment in completely alleviating my TOS (pinched nerve in arm), but it was not consistent. When the back of my neck became very tender from the tension – about 3 months ago – I started to have even greater issues because my neck would simply get tired holding up my head.

After I recovered from the Norwalk virus, I decided to switch to a new chiropractor in a clinic that also has physio, massage and other therapies in a hope that a team would have better success in treating my problems. The chiropractor introduced me to ART, hoping it would have some success in breaking up the massive amounts of scar tissue and fibrosis. The scar tissue was making my muscles tense (shorter) and weak, and trapping the nerve in my arm.

My ART treatment is fast – just a couple of minutes, plus an adjustment. Right now my body can’t take really long treatments since my overall pain level is too high – if it flared up more, it would be too much for me to handle. So, we focus on smaller areas at a time.

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The Internet crash of 2007

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The Onion reports that one man has crashed the Internet, all online data has been lost.

Harry Potter tonight

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We took a walk today for that free Slurpee and to prebuy our tickets for tonight’s opening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The one bonus of living in North Vancouver is that, though the theatres are not quite as posh, you don’t need to arrive insanely early for movie premieres. That said, I think we’re planning to give 1-1.5 hours so we can get good seats. It’s a nice walk from here, not too far, so we’ll be able to enjoy much more of the sunshine. And I am so excited about the movie. I’ve been disappointed before – particularly with the third movie, which is my favorite book – but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one will be good.

Who else is going tonight? And will HP beat the record that Transformers set?

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Free Slurpee Day

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Stop by your local 7-Eleven today to grab your free Slurpee to celebrate the 80th anniversary of their opening day & name.

7-Eleven stores will be handing out 1000 free 7.11oz Slurpees from 7am until 11pm (or until supplies last)

I’m a Coke & Cream Soda mixer. Mmm Slurpee.

And if you haven’t seen it, check out the awesome Kwik-E-Mart campaign they’ve got running across North America. There is only one in Canada – in Coquitlam.

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Going to BlogHer

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I’ll be heading down to Chicago for BlogHer at the end of the month. It’s my third time out, and I’m looking forward to going again.

I’ll be moderating a panel on Professional Blogging, and it’s a larger panel than the one I was on last year. That should be quite fun.

I’ll be down in Chicago for a week. We’re having a b5 meetup for all the peeps in town for BlogHer, and I’ll be staying with my pal Leora while I’m there. Major shopping time. I’ve already set up a bunch of things to ship to her place from Amazon. ;)

If anyone is down for BlogHer, be sure to say hi!

BlogHer '07 I'm Speaking

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