Fall TV torrents leaked

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A number of networks have chosen to embrace – at least temporarily – file sharing in order to build buzz for shows premiering this Fall.

Despite how quickly they’d sue you for doing the same thing with any other episode of their show, the networks have chosen to leak the pilot episodes onto the web. Ok, with the exception of Pushing Daisies – that one was leaked by an executive without the permission of the marketing team. Oh well.

If you search Google, you will easily find torrents for some of the most promising shows of the fall:

  • Pushing Daisies – watched it, loved it. LOVED it.
  • Bionic Woman
  • Reaper
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles

And many more. Those are the ones I was most curious about, and I have yet to watch the last 3. From my perspective, this gives me the opportunity to consider shows more closely as being in line with my b5 strategy. Although I have jumped into several Fall shows already with blogs, the above shows are still not tapped.

All shows above have been very high on my radar. If I saw something in them after the premiere, I’d need to turn around a blog design & install very quickly in the new season. Seeing them early could help me make these decisions sooner. Of course, ratings are the final key element, but I am pretty sure all 4 of the above shows will do very well this Fall already. I just need to determine their "bloggability".

For those of you interested, Pushing Daisies is a new hybrid show, specifically a drama-romantic-comedy. It is, by far, the most highly anticipated show this Fall. It had all the critics just raving after the Fall press tour. The pilot, I can say, is amazing. It is not so narrowly defined as other shows. There is crime-solving, forbidden love, and also a light comic side. Like the cartoon elements and the bright whimsical settings. Altogether a very impressive combination. It’s on my viewing schedule, for sure.

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Single Hauz rethinks design

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Would you like to live in a house on a stick?

The Single Hauz – by Poland’s front architects. A house that rests upon a single central mast. And can be built virtually anywhere.

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Going to Spain!

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It’s been a busy week. Ianiv has the opportunity to go to Barcelona for DrupalCon, so we’ve spent the last week trying to plan a vacation around that.

Ianiv will be heading to Barcelona on September 16, and I’ll follow on the 20th. We’ll stay until October 3.

It’s a very busy and exciting time to be in Barcelona. A festival (La Merce) is going on around the 24th, so the city is just packed. I’m ok with that, though, since we never saw any festivals the last time we were in Europe. Very fun.

The festival made it difficult to find accommodations. Prices are obviously up during that time, but pretty much the entire city is booked. Ianiv is spending the first 5 nights with the rest of NowPublic, so his accommodations are taken care of. Mine, another story.

After spending an obscene number of hours trying to find a hotel or hostel in a good area of Barcelona, we changed gears and reconsidered the importance of staying in Barcelona itself for those days.

After a few city days, we had planned to take ourselves to a resort on the coast. I fell in love with the city of Sitges, which is actually very close to Barcelona. About 30 mins by train away. So, I will go straight there instead of spending time in the city. We will stay in Sitges for 12 nights in total.

This trip, we’re not going from hotel to hotel. Too stressful. Although the rest of the Spanish coast is beautiful, and gets a bit cheaper and more quiet as you head further from Barcelona, Sitges has everything we’re looking for, and the bonus of great train access for day trips.

We’ll be staying at the San Sebastián Playa hotel, which is one of the higher end hotels in the region. It’s definitely going to be a different experience from our hostel experience last time through Europe! A good pool and beach access were high on my list of "must haves."

Because of my health limitations, we won’t be able to see or travel as much, but I’m quite looking forward to some relaxing days in the sun. I haven’t yet started to research what to see in this region of Spain, or what to do, so anyone with any tips, please let us know!

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BarCamp Vancouver 2007 Organizing Committee

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The cowboy hats just make it sooo much better!

RIP Kettle

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The NowPublic office kettle has died. An autopsy revealed that the likely cause of death was being left plugged in for a very long time. Kettle will be missed by the water cooler and a few coffee mugs.

Barcamp Contest: Win an HD-DVD

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The Bourne SuprermacyI’m going to be giving a way an HD-DVD of The Bourne Supremacy at Barcamp on Saturday. To decide who wins it we are going to have a contest. It’s simple: make a video of your best Matt Damon impression, upload it to YouTube or your favorite video site and send me an email (ianiv@blogaholics.ca) telling me where to find it. If you don’t have the tools or know-how to make the video, don’t despair, I can help you make one on Saturday during Barcamp.

I will be posting them on this blog and at the end of the day we can all vote on them. Whoever gets the most votes from the audience, wins the movie.

The only other rule is that you MUST be at Barcamp on Saturday.

Have fun and see you on Saturday!

Barcamp this Friday!

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Barcamp Vancouver is just around the corner. This time we are having a party at the Alibi Room on Friday, followed by a sleepover at Workspace and whole day of presentations on Saturday.

Once again, we have a full registration list in the attendees page and over 70 people in the waiting list. Please help us keep this list up to date! If you have registered and cannot make it, please remove yourself from the list and move the top person from the waiting list to your spot. The same goes to the people in the waiting list, if you can’t make it, please remove your name.

See you on Friday!

Schedule of Barcamp Events

Friday, August 17: food and drink at the Alibi Room

  • appetizers all evening
  • open bar starting at 6:30 pm (until our credit runs out, so arrive early!!)
  • we’re in the private area downstairs
  • The Alibi Room, 157 Alexander Street @ Main (map on website)
  • sleepover at Workspace, 21 Water Street, Suite 400

Saturday, August 18: conference day all day

  • start at 8:30 AM with day organization
  • pastries and coffees available
  • pizza lunch to be delivered at ~noon
  • Workspace, Suite 400 – 21 Water Street (map on website)
  • end at 5:30 PM

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