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I was reading Sidney Poitier’s The Measure of a Man today (which by the way is an amazing and inspirational read) when I came across a passage I just had to share. It really sums up my feelings about my job:

Freud once said that life is love and work. But if you do bad work, it can’t provide the meaning in your life that you need from it. I feel most critical of myself when I notice any trace of slovenliness in my work. My work is me, and I try my damnedest to take very good care of me… [pg 161]

I think that’s an amazing way to put it. I think that whatever you do, and however much you like what you do, you should always put yourself into it. Whether you work at McDonald’s or some Fortune 500, you should feel proud at the end of the day that you lived up to your own expectations.

Sidney Poitier mentions how, in the end, our legacies are our love, our work, and our families. I’d rather know that I gave something of myself in my work, and feel proud of my contributions, than to end any day with the personal dissatisfaction of slacking off.

I consider it a great honor to have the opportunities I do. I feel very lucky. I believe I have a huge obligation to fulfill this role I’ve been given, and to do what I can to pass on knowledge to others. I don’t believe in hoarding knowledge, and think that the biggest contribution one can make on the world is to give of oneself – in work as well as in life.

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  1. I can relate to your feelings about Sidney Poitier’s book. I wrote a 7 article series about him & the book & your article reminds that there was so much more to cover.

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