Going on vacation is exhausting

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Isn’t it ironic how much we have to work in order to take a break from work? I’ve been planning my schedule for weeks, and have been putting in ridiculous hours trying to get ready to go to Spain.

I have to prepost for certain blogs (anywhere from 15-30 posts per site), and have been trying to tie up a lot of open projects as channel editor. From new blogs to training to contests. I have temporary bloggers for the remaining blogs, and will set them up with appropriate sources.

All of this, as well as trying to manage my already very full work schedule and all the stuff that had to get done for the trip. Quite exhausted. I guess it’s a good thing that a vacation includes rest ;)

I am not sure everything I set out to do will get done. Actually, I’m fairly sure it won’t. It’s just about prioritizing the "must do" projects at this point.

My goal: to finish work at 1:30 on Wendesday. I do not want to do more than check my email that afternoon or Thursday morning. I want to retain the benefit of my massage on Wednesday for as long as possible, and that means avoiding work. Going to be hard to be home and know how much work needs to be done, and yet know I can’t do it. I’m leaving my packing until the last minute to occupy at least some of my time.

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One Response to “Going on vacation is exhausting”

  1. Moe says:

    Yes it is! I love vacations but I think I like returning home to my own bed and bathroom more. :)

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