Hello from Sitges

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We are enjoying our stay so far in the Barcelona area. We chose to spend our nights, and some of our days, in a beach area called Sitges. The city itself is quite lovely, but the beaches are phenomenal.

We’ve interspersed trips to Barcelona, Monteserrat, and Tarragona with simply relaxing on the beach. We plan to go back to Barcelona once or twice, and maybe another day trip elsewhere, and have a few more days on the beach. The food has been amazing. Do miss tea and cereal, though. But not complaining ;)

Ianiv has come down with the flu, so we’re quite looking forward to a slow day tomorrow on the beach.

Our wireless connection is weak and unreliable, so we’ve only uploaded a few of the hundreds of photos we’ve taken so far.

You can view the set here.

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