MyBlogLog: that is not my picture!

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Update: Robyn from MyBlogLog explains in a comment that Arieanna can add me as a co-author.

I was watching a funny video on Darren’s blog and decided to leave a comment. So I fill in my name, email address and blog URL, write my comment and click submit. And this is what I see:

That is not me

Arieanna’s picture next to my comment! Looks like the picture comes from MyBlogLog and Darren is probably using some plugin to add the photo next to people’s comments. At this point I’m thinking that maybe if I get a MyBlogLog account it will be able to tell that it is me, based on my email address or name. I remember I do have an account I’ve probably logged in to only once when I created it, so I go to their website to try to add my blog information. And this happened:

MyBlogLog is broken

I can’t set my blog because Arieanna already did. Haven’t they heard of blogs with more than one author? The error message is funny too: of course the blog already exists, if it didn’t why would I want to add it to my profile?

Darren: you should turn that plugin off :)

2 Responses to “MyBlogLog: that is not my picture!”

  1. Yep, tons of our blogs have coauthors. Just ask Arieanna to add you as a coauthor. She has a button that says ‘add coauthor’ on the top right hand side of the blog’s page on Mybloglog. :)

    Robyn (Mybloglog)

  2. ianiv says:

    Thanks Robyn,
    Maybe add this explanation to the error you get when adding a blog?

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