b5 launches Spekked

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A couple of days ago, b5media launched a new Entertainment portal called Spekked.com.

This is a pretty big step in the industry – not just the blog network industry, but also the Entertainment industry.

b5 is known for amazing niche blogs. Giving readers the freedom to read about exactly the topic they want. And we’ve built amazing communities around that. Spekked is a step towards solidifying that – making that content available to browse in one place. We highlight top posts from our blogs, as well as all the latest news.

Some readers want the "at a glance" picture of the industry. Others just want new ways to find interesting posts. Spekked is that place. And will build to be one of the top Entertainment destinations on the web.

Why Spekked? This is a name I am very proud of. My goal was to establish a new brand – so the choice of the name had to be a word that did not have previous branding ties, or strong word associations. It also had to appeal to the readers – short, catchy, fun – and the Entertainment industry leaders – professional, crisp.

Flipping through my dictionary, I came across the word "spec" – to speculate. That’s pretty much what Entertainment blogging is all about – what’s going to happen, and why stuff happened. It kept coming back at me over and over while I tried other names, so I worked on it. Specced – hard to say. Specked – dictionary spelling, being squatted, kind of boring. Speked – looks funny. Spekked – different, graphically appealing, strong.

So, that’s the story behind the name. And it’s only the beginning of the story about the brand. Stay tuned.

Oh, and did I mention a contest? Yeah. Big prizes – like the new iPod Nano Video. Check it out here.

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