Custom Coffins

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There is a business in Ghana that creates custom coffins no other custom shop does. These ‘bespoke’ luxury coffins are created to reflect a person’s life.

From an airplane to a lion to a shoe or a Coke bottle (shown), the shop fills orders for customers all around the world. And has been since the 1950s.

Asked about the most unusual design Doku’s company has been commissioned to produce Doku, without a second’s hesitation, said: "That’s easy, it was back in 1992. A German doctor called us and ordered the womb of a woman."

The company is run by Emmanuel Doku and was started with the inspiration of another called Ataa Owuo. With Ataa’s grandmother died, he realized she had never travelled anywhere during her life. So he made her an airplane coffin "to take her to heaven."

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