WGA Strike is Over

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The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike is now officially over. After 100 days on strike, 92.5% of WGA members voted to end the strike and go back to work starting tomorrow. Another vote will ratify the deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers

“We are profoundly aware of the economic loss these fourteen weeks have created not only for our members but so many other colleagues who work in the television and motion picture industries,” wrote WGA West president Patric Verrone and WGA East president Michael Winship in a letter to members following the vote. “Nonetheless, with the establishment of the WGA jurisdiction over new media and residual formulas based on distributor’s gross revenue (among other gains) we are confident that the results are a significant achievement not only for ourselves but the entire creative community, now and in the future.”

Late Night shows will be the first to reap the benefits, as writers return (for those shows without private WGA deals) and actors who previously showed solidarity to the striking writers return to the show circuit. Many networks have already announced plans to shoot new episodes for the season. Here is what we know so far of those shows…

Shows returning to production for the season:

Shows not returning to production this season:

  • Heroes will not be shooting new episodes this season, as Chapter 3 would be too short. New episodes will defer to next season.
  • 24 will be postponed to January 2009
  • Aliens in America will air the remaining 8 episodes, but not film the additional 4 ordered for the first season
  • Chuck is done for the season
  • Pushing Daisies is done until Season 2

For more of which shows are returning and which are not, check TV Guide.

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One Response to “WGA Strike is Over”

  1. I am sad that we must wait until next year for Heroes and 24. At least Battlestar Galactica returns next Friday.

    The last two episodes of Reaper were greatly improved from the beginning of the season. The storyline looks promising. I still follow CSI and Desperate Housewives.

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