Finally a sunny day

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After the horrible weather we’ve been having I had to take the opportunity to actually get out of the house and enjoy a nice sunny day. Arieanna went out shopping for stuff to wear at the Junos so I grabbed the camera and went on a little photowalk by myself.

Victoria Park Flower

For our anniversary (on April fool’s day) Arieanna got me a 50mm f1.8 Nikkor lens so I was able to try it out. It’s pretty small and light and I’m fairly happy with the results, although I didn’t actually take many photos; just shot some flowers, a couple of homeless cats, and some old wooden fences. But it was nice to walk around the neighborhood on a quiet day, away from the computer; I really should do it more often.

Now powered by WordPress 2.5

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I’m supposed to be painting the bathroom but I noticed that WordPress 2.5 was out so I decided to upgrade the blog instead. We were actually running a pretty old version so it was about time I set things right.

The upgrade seems to have gone smoothly: theme and plugins still work, posts and comments are still there, I can’t find any issues. So now I really have to go paint.

Follow us on Twitter

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We may not update our blog very much, but we are on twitter every day.

What is twitter? The insular resonse would be "like lots of Facebook status updates you can reply to like in IM".

Basically, twitter is really a way for you to say what you’re doing from a very simple web interface (or IM client, or mobile device), and to hear what others are doing. To interact in simple ways. It is incredibly social, interacting with individuals and with communities at once. It took me a while to ‘get it’, but for busy people, it is a great way to stay in touch with people and with news.

So, if you’re on twitter, here’s how you find us:

Considering how few updates our site gets, we were tempted to toss our twitter feeds here. But, then it would just become a twitter blog, and that’s probably not ideal ;)


Nikon D300

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This is our new camera, the Nikon D300 (shown with lens). I am not going to be the one to give a huge formal review. There are hundreds of photography sites that can do that. I will instead give a "twitter" sized review: it’s amazing!

We have a lot to learn about photography, particularly me, but it’s an exciting new adventure. I can’t wait to take it to the Juno’s!

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The rollercoaster of life

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It seems we barely get on top of one big thing – a renovation, a deadline, a vacation – and there are two more around the corner. It’s been like that around here of late: like SXSW and the Junos! I have a bunch of updates of all our busy stuff.

At work, the Entertainment channel I manage has grown to 39 sites, with more on their way. In the past few months, our size has doubled and we are getting more amazing opportunities all the time. Some things require a lot of leg work, but I am so proud of the work we get done together. It keeps me very busy. On top of all of that, I do still blog. Not as much as I used to, and obviously very little around here, but still about a half dozen consistently. I work far too many hours now, and look forward to the 10 hours a week I’ll gain back after my crazy Gilmore Girls marathon recapping is over. 10 hours in which I can do other work – or, ideally, have some ‘me’ time to do things like play with our amazing new camera.

In life, things come along that you don’t expect, but you ride it out. My health was one of those major things, though I am thankfully doing much better. And then there are little ones, like taking an unexpected but exciting trip to Austin for SXSW Interactive. I got to spend time with my fellow b5ers, many of whom I’ve never met before. It was valuable team bonding time. And the conference, or should I say party?, was great.

Bowling night at SXSW ; Photographer: tris

But such opportunities come with a cost. I am still self-employed, so don’t get vacation days. In order to go away for those 5 days to Austin, and with very little advance notice, I pulled several 14 hour days in a row. Vacations come at a very high price. Ideally, I’d be doing more of these trips. Going to more conferences, networking, and perhaps even speaking. Things I love to do, and so rarely ‘have time’ for. I have decided it’s time to ‘make time’ for certain things. I’m just not quite certain how.

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Ed at SXSW

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This is Ed, the *star* employee at b5, hanging out at the pool at the b5 ranch in Austin Texas. Ed saw a lot of action for SXSW.

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