Juno Awards 2008 Day 1 – JunoCup

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What a rollercoaster of events this weekend has been, and the biggest Juno Awards event is still yet to come. From crazy disorganization of events, to the serendipity that found us elbow to elbow with most of the Juno nominees for the entire night on Day 2; it has been nothing but amazing. And, here is my story:

I arrived in Calgary, flight came in late, on Friday night. There were two overlapping events to attend, one half over, by the time I’d checked into my hotel. So, Jeanne, Jyle and I headed to the JunoCup, a hockey match between NHL greats and various celebrities (our photos can be seen here for all Juno stuff).

I found the photography challenging at the arena, for sure. With the ice, the multiple types and sources of light, the strobes, and the fast movement… was a challenge even without a new camera to figure out. But, it was an amazing experience to be crouching on the ice photographing hockey greats and other stars as they were announced into the stadium. A lot of that day, and even today, was disorganized chaos for the media. But, things have worked in our favour thus far.

After the JunoCup, we hit The Marquee for some music. Tired, we came back and uploaded / edited photos for a couple of hours, then hit the bed. Four hours later, I was up again.


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