Formula for Success at Vidfest

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In the Right Brain Rock Out! panel at Vidfest, by far my favorite panel of the day, Jonathan Tippett, the engineer behind the Mondo Spider, answers the audience-posed question of how to get clients to pay up-front for design services for a brand-new web design company. Jonathan’s answer to the question was to create a formula:


Jonathan Tippett also talked about creativity being created out of necessity. You create a necessity and some idea will be born of that. The Mondo Spider was created out of the necessity he and his friends created to challenge themselves; the "necessity" was to create a walking machine. To Tippett, creativity is not just the spark of an idea, since many people have amazing ideas all the time, but the ability to actualize that idea.

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One Response to “Formula for Success at Vidfest”

  1. Douglas says:

    I love the equation. An attempt to quantify intangibles. JTippet knows that “sparks” may fly, but so what? Sometimes we forget that hard work is creativity in action.

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