H&M Vancouver Opens

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The new H&M store in Vancouver at Pacific Centre opened today. This is the second H&M to open in BC, the first of which opened at Coquitlam Centre. The Coquitlam store opened last summer to more than 800 shoppers in the first hour, and the opening party last night made that opening look tame by comparison.

The new H&M holds two floors at Pacific Centre in the old Holt Renfrew space. The Vancouver store is the largest H&M in Canada. At 28,000 square feet, the mini department store is sure to be come a centre of activity in the downtown core. The downtown store will cater more towards the high fashion for adults, as opposed to simply clothes aimed at teens. The first floor is devoted to women’s clothing, while the second floor caters to men, children and babies.

Ianiv went down to H&M a half-hour before the store was set to open today at noon. He took some photos of the enormous line gathered around the block. They allowed him inside to grab some shots of the store prior to the madness that would soon envelop it.


Check out the rest of the Flickr set here.

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Launch Party 4

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Last night, Launch Party 4 was held at The Republic in Vancouver. Launch Party is a mixer for entrepreneus and tech geeks and is always to be counted on for it’s "un-networking" vibe. There are no panels, no speakers. Just local companies doing demos and people having a good time sharing ideas.

LPV4 featured demos for some Vancouver start-ups including Strutta and FundFindr.

Photo credit: Ianiv & Raul

You can check our photo set out here.

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New Music West 2008

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You probably have already read our interesting experience at the Red Room for New Music West 2008, but we haven’t talked much about our experience for the rest of the festival.

On our first night of the festival we went to The Media Club and stayed for Elias, Carmen and Camille and a little bit of Sweetheart. I was keen to be there to take photos of Carmen and Camille, who appeared on an episode of MTV’s The Hills. I ended up enjoying their music and that of Elias, though found Sweetheart too harsh for my tastes. 

On Thursday, as mentioned previously, we went to the Red Room with Duane and Rebecca to hear Armchair Cynics play, but also listened to the earlier performances of Jessie Farrel and Aaron Pritchett. Although I’m not a country music fan, I did enjoy their performances. I was not as impressed with the new music from Armchair Cynics, as it deviated quite a bit from the style we’d come to enjoy on their earlier CD.

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Hiking Lynn Headwaters

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On Saturday, Ianiv and I took one of our first hikes of the season. It was still an "easy" hike, but a great excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine. We went to explore a new trail at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, just at the end of Lynn Valley Road. It’s a very nice park with a beautiful view of the river. You can take many hikes from there with various degrees of difficulty and time.   

The first portion of the trail is very easy and can be done as more of a casual walk. This first part of the trail is called the Lynn Loop Trail. Our guide book had it pegged as a couple of hours, but we finished half of the loop in 20 minutes, so kept right on to the next portion of the trail.

This portion, the Cedars Mill Trail, is still easy, though the trail is a little less polished and there are fewer hikers. You go past some interesting relics from the old mill, and we even hit some portions of the trail that still had snow. Although about the same distance as the previous loop, this section of the trail does take a little bit longer, and if you take the full loop, does hit some steep and uneven sections. We avoided the upper half of the loop, since our sandals weren’t really appropriate for a true hike.

It was a beautiful walk. We were out for just over two hours, and I came back with 4 lovely blisters. It’s a trail we’ll definitely revisit – with our hiking boots!


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The Start of Summer

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Friday felt like the start of Summer in Vancouver. The sun was shining, it was gloriously warm, and we were heading right into a long weekend. It felt glorious! Of course, finishing watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls the day before did lighten my mood!

On Friday, I made the most of the sun by going on a very long walk around where we live. I went to Waves on Londsale for an Americano, went to Lonsdale Quay for some Mexican food, and explored around some parts of the area I had not previously walked. I even found a park that I remember playing in when I was very little.


How did you usher in the beautiful long weekend?

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The P’Zone sounds like Pezón

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The Pizza Hut P’Zone started to get some heavy promotion here in Vancouver, both on radio and television. The first time we heard the ad we were in the car.

The P’Zone makes sense in the context of the Pizza Hut brand, but it seems like someone didn’t do their homework on the name. About how the name sounds, not how it looks.

In the ad, P’Zone is not pronounced like "P [space] Zone" it’s pronounced in a very slurred way, and sounds a lot like "Pezone" or, as Ianiv pointed out, "Pezón". And that’s not a good thing.

See, Pezón means nipple in Spanish. The radio spot really makes the whole word-similarity come alive. In the radio ad, a guy is "pumping" two P’Zones because they are so big it’s like lifting weight. However, now all I hear is a guy "pumping Pezóns". And the end tagline is something like "grab a Pezón."

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Nala in the Sun

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Ianiv & I weren’t the only ones to enjoy the beautiful Vancouver sun this weekend. Nala and Guinness also had their share of the rays on our top deck. The sun makes them very sleepy and relaxed, as you can see here. I only had my cell on hand to snap this shot, but she was just SO cute!

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