You’re Closing, Really?

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The Store that Never Closes

This store has been a major pet peeve of ours. We moved to North Vancouver about a year and a half ago, and thought very little of the Sleepers store on 3rd & Lonsdale and it’s Store Closing signs. Sucks, but stores close all the time.

But that was a year and a half ago. And the signs are still there. Since they are not nice signs, even, and they are this glaring yellow, it’s beyond annoying. I would never will a store to close, but if they are not going to close, could they please take down those damn signs?

This incident is just about as bad as the store where we bought our sofa. It had a "sale" sign so big that it was one letter per window. And their "sale" was on for at least a year.

Some basic business lessons to learn from this:

  • You are not on sale if the sale is on every day for more than a year
  • You are not closing if you stay open for at least a year and a half past since when you put up the signs

Both practices are misleading and dishonest. And really really annoying.

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One Response to “You’re Closing, Really?”

  1. Agreed.

    A store that I pass every day has sign with big, neon-color letters next to the road advertising a special offer this-week-only on a particular type of beds. The sign has been there for at least a year, and they’ve even made little updates to it once in a while.

    Hmm, how about Better Business Bureau?

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