Cork Recycling

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We’ve been trying to go more "green" at home – from using re-usable shopping bags, to organic purchases of food and cleaning products. Slowly but surely we’re making some changes.

The latest change I’m going to adopt is to save the corks from my wine bottles. Not like there are many, but keeping them out of the landfill sounds like a great idea.

Terracycle is a company that will recycle corks – or rather, upcycling them. They will be turning both natural and synthetic corks into other products, like doormats.

So, send your corks over to Terracycle. They’ll even tell you how much postage to put on your package of corks. They also upcycle other unusual product waste, like cookie wrappers, drink pouches, energy bar wrappers, and yogurt containers. Some of this recycling will give you cash back, which is a great incentive.

Image: kevinrosseel @morguefile ; Hat tip: drinks after dark, LA Times

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