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Ianiv & I took part in the iPhone frenzy on Friday. We, like many others, did not have a smooth experience.

iPhone 3G with Griffin Wave cover (actual is more fuchsia)

  • After looking at Fido’s participating iPhone locations list, we went to Capilano Mall in the morning. Only to learn that Cellular Baby stores can only handle new Fido accounts, not renewals (existing customers). Something the website fails to mention.
  • We got to Park Royal at 10am and received numbers (30 and 31) to guarantee our iPhones. There were 35 iPhones shipped to this location. 
  • We were told to come back at 1pm to pick up our phone. By then, however, only 8 customers had been served. Both Apple & Rogers/Fido were down, making it nearly impossible to activate the phones. 
  • We returned again at 4:30 and, after waiting a half an hour, were able to jump the line (since people with numbers ahead of our own were not there). My account took some time, as I was already tied into a contract and had to pay the ECF fee (rumor has it this may be waived later this month). I was also the last person to receive an iPhone before Fido shut down activations (we later learned commissions were not being tracked properly). We were there for nearly 2 hours.
  • The iPhones don’t fully activate right away, so we left. We both encountered problems – Ianiv’s wouldn’t connect to 3G, mine the SIM card did not activate (so, I couldn’t make calls or connect to 3G). Voicemail was broken for both of us during this time. 
  • The next morning, Ianiv called Fido to get them to activate my SIM card (which took about 30 mins). They hung up on him before he could get his phone fixed.
  • We went to the Fido store again to get them to fix Ianiv’s issue. Their computer records don’t access the full account information, so they also had to call in to Fido. After an hour, it turns out 3G had not been enabled on Ianiv’s account because it was so old.

So, many many hours into the process, we have two working iPhones. Ianiv has had to reset his SIM card once already, probably a bug. I bought a cute pink case for mine already (as shown in photo), and Ianiv has ordered his. Aside from the stress of the whole process, I love the iPhone. It is very intuitive, and we’ve already been thankful to have internet access when away from home. That said, I need to create personal boundaries to make sure work doesn’t intrude too much into my personal time – something I’ve been strict on for some time. 

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3 Responses to “iPhone Buzz”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a busy time getting your iPhones!
    I had to start a new account since I was not eligible for an upgrade (8 months into a 12 month contract).

    I found mine in a mall in Victoria, and got it working right away! Love the full internet access, something which I never got to experience with my first generation iPhone.

    Enjoy your iPhones, and say good bye to “Disconnect Anxiety!”

  2. John Biehler says:

    Cellular Baby should have been able to do upgrades, just chose not to in order to get the new activation commission.

    Independent dealers FTL.

  3. Carla Karreman says:

    Sounds very interesting…even I might purchase one down the road…

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