Goldfish Restaurant Review

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Last week Ianiv & I went for lunch at Goldfish in Yaletown. It’s a gorgeous space, very modern and huge! Check out the gallery of photos here. We ate lunch out on the patio in the beautiful sunshine. The service was amazing – very prompt & courteous, and loved the touch of the chef’s sample of a cantaloupe gazpacho. Very tasty.

For our lunch we shared the Wok Tossed Squid, Duck Spring Rolls, Halibut Sandwich and Wok Beef. The spring rolls were amazing, and I liked the novelty and crisp taste of the suggested eating method of wrapping the roll in the lettuce with a mint leaf. Very neat. The squid was cooked to perfection, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the way it was served. I love the wok squid at Sandbar in Granville Island because they serve it unbreaded with very minutely diced spices & veggies, so you can eat it all together. Here the (uncooked) onions & peppers were too big to eat.

The halibut sandwich was amazing – so juicy! – and the fries to die for. I wasn’t as thrilled with the wok beef, which I found over-seasoned and a little overdone. The rice, while I was thrilled to have the choice of white or brown, was a little too plain with not enough sauce to mix in with it.

In our cheque we saw a notice that there is a 3-course chef’s menu for lunch for $25. We didn’t know about this before-hand, as it’s not mentioned on the menu (hint, hint), but that may be nice to try sometime.

It’s definitely a place I’d recommend for lunch – try the halibut!! – or a relaxing cocktail after work. The last time I went there for drinks it was very busy, but I’d love to return some time to try the dinner menu.

Restaurant Details:

1118 Mainland Street (at Helmcken)
Vancouver, BC. V6B 2T9
T 604.689.8318
Online Reservations
Free Valet Parking for Lunch

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No matter how hot it gets in my office, with windows that don’t open and the heat rising, I always have two cats with me. They very rarely go to any other part of the house. Nala has a little blanket on my desk and, most of the time, Guinness sleeps on his own blanket on the couch right behind my desk.

This is a picture I took today of Guinness on his couch – took with my new iPhone, no less. Not bad quality!

At the Granville Room

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Having some drinks before the event

The iPhone Blend

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And, under "What Not To Do With Your New iPhone"…

To answer the age-old question of "will it blend?" The answer re: the new iPhone 3G is… YES.

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iPhone Buzz

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Ianiv & I took part in the iPhone frenzy on Friday. We, like many others, did not have a smooth experience.

iPhone 3G with Griffin Wave cover (actual is more fuchsia)

  • After looking at Fido’s participating iPhone locations list, we went to Capilano Mall in the morning. Only to learn that Cellular Baby stores can only handle new Fido accounts, not renewals (existing customers). Something the website fails to mention.
  • We got to Park Royal at 10am and received numbers (30 and 31) to guarantee our iPhones. There were 35 iPhones shipped to this location. 
  • We were told to come back at 1pm to pick up our phone. By then, however, only 8 customers had been served. Both Apple & Rogers/Fido were down, making it nearly impossible to activate the phones. 
  • We returned again at 4:30 and, after waiting a half an hour, were able to jump the line (since people with numbers ahead of our own were not there). My account took some time, as I was already tied into a contract and had to pay the ECF fee (rumor has it this may be waived later this month). I was also the last person to receive an iPhone before Fido shut down activations (we later learned commissions were not being tracked properly). We were there for nearly 2 hours.
  • The iPhones don’t fully activate right away, so we left. We both encountered problems – Ianiv’s wouldn’t connect to 3G, mine the SIM card did not activate (so, I couldn’t make calls or connect to 3G). Voicemail was broken for both of us during this time. 
  • The next morning, Ianiv called Fido to get them to activate my SIM card (which took about 30 mins). They hung up on him before he could get his phone fixed.
  • We went to the Fido store again to get them to fix Ianiv’s issue. Their computer records don’t access the full account information, so they also had to call in to Fido. After an hour, it turns out 3G had not been enabled on Ianiv’s account because it was so old.

So, many many hours into the process, we have two working iPhones. Ianiv has had to reset his SIM card once already, probably a bug. I bought a cute pink case for mine already (as shown in photo), and Ianiv has ordered his. Aside from the stress of the whole process, I love the iPhone. It is very intuitive, and we’ve already been thankful to have internet access when away from home. That said, I need to create personal boundaries to make sure work doesn’t intrude too much into my personal time – something I’ve been strict on for some time. 

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Cats and Kids

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I was reading lolcats, like I do every day, and had to stop and laugh at this latest one:


I laughed, though, not just because it’s funny, but because I was such a kid. Case in point:

That was my cat Rocky, and he let me do whatever I wanted to him. The most tolerant, doting cat ever. From the Mr. Potato Head accessories, to clothes, to (I’m told) pushing him in a toy baby carriage. He even claimed my pillow at night and, logically, I’d then sleep on him instead. So, he may have hated it, but some part of him loved the attention.   

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Our Path to Sustainable Flooring

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It’s renovation time again – in fact, it’s time for the renovation. The one we’ve been anticipating and dreading in the year and a half since we purchased our house. It’s time to redo our floors. Namely, the "1st floor" 3-level area of living room, dining room, kitchen & stairs that’s covered with sandstone. Unsealed outdoor sandstone (see stair photo to right). It’s not so bad looking, but it’s uneven, can’t be cleaned, and cold. It has to go.

We’ve been mulling over our options for as long as we’ve owned the house. Our other 2 floors were laminated by the previous owners. They look nice, but we’re not big laminate fans. Hardwood is undoubtedly more expensive, but more appealing. No matter the final flooring solution, the project will start the same: full demo of all tile and subfloor, new subfloor, carpentry on stairs to change the alignment, removal of carpet in living room, demo of part of the fireplace.

Since those costs will not change regardless of our flooring choice, we chose not to let it influence our decision of flooring. We started looking into what floors would be durable with 2 cats and found ourselves drawn to much more natural grained products, including bamboo. We came home with some samples of teak and bamboo and did some research. We looked at hardness/durability (Janka scale here) and looked at the costs of different products (bamboo is less expensive than other woods, although different products have different installation costs).

It wasn’t a huge leap to go from liking the bamboo to deciding to go all the way and look into doing a fully "green" floor. We did some research on bamboo and found that, while bamboo is a sustainable product, the flooring sold in most stores was most likely not "green" – using sealers and glues that are not eco-friendly. In fact, the bamboo was likely too young, making it prone to warping over time.

Yesterday we paid a visit to Green Works in Vancouver, which is a fully "green" building supply store. They have a lot of amazing stuff, but we were there to look at the EcoTimber flooring. We were open to any of their products, but the bamboo came out victorious again both on appeal and price. We saw our first sample of strand-woven bamboo and fell in love. Here are the two colour options – honey and amber:

Strand woven bamboo flooring is made of bamboo strands pressed together with a durable resin. Not only does it have more of a wood-grain finish, less linear than traditional bamboo flooring, but it is much more durable than traditional bamboo flooring – at 3,000 per Janka (very very hard).

Green Works gave us a lot of information about flooring in general, and the consideration of not just the material but also the finish in terms of durability considerations. The bamboo comes pre-finished, which makes it less likely to scratch, but more difficult to repair when scratched. This is the same with any pre-finished flooring. Floors that are unfinished can be sealed, and spot patched, as time goes on. More work but more easily repaired.

I feel like, at this point, we have a lot of information to make an educated decision about what flooring is best for us. I believe we will likely go with the EcoTimber woven bamboo option, as it’s only slightly more expensive than a non-green bamboo floor. It’s an expensive investment overall, but one we feel is worth it.

We have samples of both the amber & honey colours and are shifting them from room to room. Both are beautiful options. Hopefully we can make a decision on colour and begin the much more complicated process of hiring a contractor to do the major work of demo & installation. And we are hoping to budget in Fresh Start for the environmental disposal of all our reno mess.

Stay tuned for what will be an exciting (and stressful) renovation process!

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