An instance of teenager driving

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Take a bunch of teenagers, a bunch of Lucky beer, and a mountain. And this is what you get:

Beer + Teenagers + Parking = FAIL

Drunk teenagers driving up Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island. They ‘announced’ their arrival by driving into/onto a boulder at the edge of the parking lot. Lovely, no?

Random fact: did you know that Cumberland, BC is the "Luckiest Town in Canada"? In 2002, Labatt gave this honor to Cumberland based on the incredible rate of consumption of this beer – it took up a whole wall of the local liquor store. [wiki] I lived in Royston at the time, right next to Cumberland. I have never consumed Lucky Beer.

4 Responses to “An instance of teenager driving”

  1. tony says:

    you lived in royston and you have never drank lucky before? thats weak you dont deserve to live in the comox valley. and the reason they drink so much lucky in cumberland is because it is brewed there and because it’s the best beer

  2. Aaron says:

    Epic stumble. I lived in Courtenay and worked at Mt. Washington. We each went through a 12 case of lucky every night. Living in Kelowna now and still reppin’ the stuff!

  3. dick wood says:

    my my what a fag ..if you live on the island it’s your beer ..unless you are a pussy burtan .. hot cold it wont mater..if you want class ,drink it out of glass!

  4. True Islander says:

    Dude, Lucky is brewed in Edmonton, not Cumberland! Not even brewed on the Island, but they want you to think it is. Lucky is brewed by Labatt which is owned by Inbev which just bought Anheiser Busch.
    Sorry Tony but Lucky sold you out to the Americans!

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