Happy b5-iversary to Me

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Today marks my 3-year anniversary with b5media. Hard to believe that was 3 years ago already!

I’ve been with b5media since the day they launched – on September 19, 2005 my two blogs with b5 were Cooking-Gadgets (which I still write) and SheKnowsBest (no longer writing).

A lot has changed since the blog network launched – both from a b5media perspective and from my perspective as part of the company.

Over the years, there was a progression for more of my time to be devoted to work at b5. After being the first person to work “full time” on my blogs there, things progressed. I became the first Channel Editor (CE) in the first channel, which was then a combo of Entertainment & Celebrities. The channels eventually split, then were managed separately, and now are (mostly) back together. The current Entertainment channel has over 50 blogs.

Within b5, I still write Cooking-Gadgets, but also write on Gilmore Girls News, Mischa News, Hilary News and Lohan Groupie. There have been times when I’ve written more sites, and likely I will move towards writing fewer sites.

The work I enjoy the most at b5 is about community – about fostering community on my sites, but more importantly fostering community within the Entertainment channel. I love working with each and every one of my writers – they do some amazing work! I have also fallen in love with the Entertainment industry – I love the pace of it, the style of it, and the community that flocks to it.

7 Responses to “Happy b5-iversary to Me”

  1. GusF says:

    Congrats on 3 years with b5!!!

    Keep the content coming!

  2. Raul says:

    Happy B5 versary, Arieanna!

  3. Gayla McCord says:

    Congrats Arieanna! I’m looking forward to my own b5-iverary in November. I’m so glad you took a chance on me back then and hired me at CelebAmour. It’s been a great ride and much of the thanks comes directly back to you :)

  4. Moe says:

    Congratulations. I’m coming up on five years in November for BellaOnline which is the longest I’ve ever committed to anything… except like breathing. Oh, yeah, and my marriage. So, I can totally relate to changes, community etc.

  5. Devicepedia says:

    Wow! thats great, congrats Arieanna!. Happy B5 versary.

  6. Julie says:

    Happy Anniversary! 3 years…wow. Ready for another 3?

  7. Cheril says:

    Congrats Arieanna on your b5 anniversary!

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