New Railing

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Yesterday, our new railing was installed. We’re getting the railing installed between the dining room and sunken living room (as shown here), as well as up the stairs (to be completed next week).

New railing

The spindles are from BH Woodturning:

The railing is not bamboo, but was stained to match as closely as possible. You’ll see how closely when we take some higher resolution images. ;)

Twitterrific iPhone Update

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In follow-up to my post last week comparing Twitterrific to Twinkle, there’s a new update to Twitterrific that fixes some of my annoyances with the app. Here’s a list of fixes & new features:

Click to enlarge

To highlight, important changes include:

  • Contents of text field saved at quit
  • Can now take a photo or use an existing photo
  • Photos are saved to the camera roll
  • More tweets received during refresh (100 instead of 20)
  • Added an “everyone” setting from the public timeline
  • New location feature (like Twinkle) – with bonus options to add maps to your tweet
  • hashtag tweets are now linked to
  • Scroll positions are preserved

I’ll be downloading this tonight to play with it. But it sounds like a major upgrade. If the app crashes less & saves tweets that fail to upload, it may turn into my primary Twitter app on the iPhone.

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

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I am finally getting back into speaking (something I love to do) and have a couple of upcoming speaking engagements.

b5 Blogger Summit at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas
Topic: SEO and Advertisers (speaking with Gabrielle Green)

Date: Friday, September 19, 2008
Time: 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM
Location: Las Vegas Convention center
Cost: Free! (Mostly for b5ers, but everyone is welcome)


b5media has a lot of fun stuff going on for Blog World Expo. If you’re going, you can also sign up for a blogger meet-up on the 19th and come by our booth to play poker & win prizes! Info here.

Go Global Week at UBC
Topic: Travel Blogging

The session will talk about travel blogging, how to get started, and tips on things like adding photos to your blog.

Date: Thursday, October 02, 2008
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Location: Chemistry Room 300, UBC
Cost: Free!

Register Here – you need to be a UBC student.

Moja Coffee in North Vancouver

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We’ve spent the last few weeks enjoying our coffee from Moja Coffee in North Vancouver.

We’ve pretty much been living off their coffee since we discovered their cafe – highly recommend it if you are ever in North Van (though sadly they’re not open on weekends).

I just posted a review on Vancouver Coffee – check it out here.

Renovations Day 6

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Today is Day 7 of the renovations, but here are some pictures from the progress made up until last night:

These are just photos from my iPhone, so I’ll upload better quality shots when everything’s all done.

Today they are going to finish the majority of the flooring, leaving only the stairs and finishing work. Progress! Still, we’re looking at a few more days of mess and chaos.

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