Twitterrific iPhone Update

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In follow-up to my post last week comparing Twitterrific to Twinkle, there’s a new update to Twitterrific that fixes some of my annoyances with the app. Here’s a list of fixes & new features:

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To highlight, important changes include:

  • Contents of text field saved at quit
  • Can now take a photo or use an existing photo
  • Photos are saved to the camera roll
  • More tweets received during refresh (100 instead of 20)
  • Added an “everyone” setting from the public timeline
  • New location feature (like Twinkle) – with bonus options to add maps to your tweet
  • hashtag tweets are now linked to
  • Scroll positions are preserved

I’ll be downloading this tonight to play with it. But it sounds like a major upgrade. If the app crashes less & saves tweets that fail to upload, it may turn into my primary Twitter app on the iPhone.

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