80s TV Shows I Almost Forgot

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Last night at dinner with the family, we were using the iPhone to reminisce about various tv shows we loved as kids in the 80s. There are some that I couldn’t for the life of me remember the names of, so a bunch of Googling brought them back. Here are the nearly-forgotten tv shows of my childhood (among all the dozens of shows I do recall):

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

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b5media launches 2 portals

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Today b5media announced the launch of our new business portal, bizzia.com, which reminded me that I hadn’t yet written about the first portal that we launched, starked.com!

Bizzia is an online resource into the business blogs at b5 – it features the best of the content the writers are producing, as well as videos and more. In similar manner, Starked was launched in Las Vegas last month to support our entertainment news.

Starked highlights the top Entertainment news in celebrity, tv, movies & music. I’ve been managing that portal since soon after it launched (my new job title is Online Producer, Starked). w00t! It’s the second iteration of the portal concept, after the earlier try I blogged about here. This new portal way outstrips the old one!

Since Starked is near and dear to me, I’m going to talk about it a bit more. As a portal, it offers insight into two “channels” or “verticals” at b5 – the Entertainment Channel (which I manage) and the Music Channel (managed by Jeanne Dupuis). Together, that’s more than 70 blogs and 30 writers producing upwards of 4,000 posts per month.

Nobody can blame you if you don’t want to read 4,000 posts a month, so Starked is the window into the newest and most sought after news. Each day we feature 40+ new stories on the front page and on the subpages (for tv, celebrities, music so far). I’ve been working on rotating the “image-based” posts a few times a day, depending on how much “free” time I have. It’s been great fun, but has kept me super busy.

If you are into Entertainment, tune in to Starked each day, or grab the RSS feed for the featured posts.

Parade of Lost Souls 2008

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Last night was Vancouver’s annual Parade of Lost Souls on Commercial Drive, which happens each year the Saturday before Hallowe’en.

Parade of Lost Souls 2008

The celebration marks the end of the year, with a series of colorful processions through the Commercial neighbourhoods. Thousands of Vancouverites dress up to come participate in the festival – to walk the parade, dance in the streets, view the fire dancers or listen to the ghostly bands.

Parade of Lost Souls 2008

This was our second year visiting the parade, and it was the perfect night for it!

You can view the entire photo set here.

New laptop: finally!

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Last week I was finally able to say good-bye to my old MacBook G4, a computer that has served me well for nearly 4 years. Considering I work at the computer for about 10 hours a day, plus my weekends, I’ve worked it pretty much to death. The fan is rather unhappy now, and the whole thing is just SLOW. Rather than reformat the whole machine, I’ve been waiting for months to upgrade. But Apple was slow in coming out with new machines.

Well, as soon as Apple made the announcement, my order was in, and on Thursday my new MacBook Pro arrived!!

I really haven’t had a huge amount of time to play with it. But I just *love* it already. I think anything fast would have made me happy, but I must confess that the whole machine just works beautifully. We ended up doing the merge for most of my applications so I could use it right away, so probably there’s a lot of extra crap floating around that I don’t need. But SO happy!

And see, Guinness loves the new MacBook too!!

New MacBook pro

Go Global Presentation: Travel Blogging

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Today I gave a presentation to a small group of students at UBC as part of Go Global Week. The presentation topic was “Documenting your International Experience: how to create a dynamic travel blog

I used these slides as my speaking points during the talk, although covered a lot more ground that was here. Raul, a great support during the day, also live blogged the session! You can read that here.

Travel Blogging Basics
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: travel blogging)

You can also download the presentation as PDF here.

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