Baby on the Way!

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Ianiv & I have some BIG news to share! We’re pregnant! That’s right, there’s a new little Blogaholic on the way ;) Sometime this October, that is. The news is spreading quickly, and we’re very happy to share with you as we start our little family! For those of you keeping track, it’s our 3 year wedding anniversary this Wednesday, and Ianiv & I will have been together for 9 years this coming October.

Baby Blogaholic, predicted by the RoutanBabymaker3000

Our families are all very excited about the big news. My doorbell just rang with flowers from my mom and the first teddy bear!

Juno Awards 2009: Live Blog

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Tonight is the Juno Awards in Vancouver! On Friday I had a chance to preview the set for the Juno Awards, created by set designer Peter Faragher and executive producer John Brunton. On Saturday Ianiv & I headed out to the fan fare event where fans had a chance to meet & greet some of the musicians. And last night I attended the Gala Awards Dinner where 32 awards were handed out, from Album of the Year (The Stills) to Children’s Album of the Year (Barenaked Ladies).

Tonight Rebecca (miss604) and I are sitting up in the press booth for online media with a bird’s eye view of the performance at GM place. We’ll both be liveblogging – me here in this post, and Rebecca here. The eTalk red carpet event has already started and the stadium is slowly filling up. CTV will be broadcasting the event live in BC starting at 5pm and one-hour delayed across the country.

Performances tonight include Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Serena Ryder and more. Stay tuned for updates!

4:54PM – The crowd is getting psyched for the Junos The stadium is almost full.

5:00pm – Nickelback kicks off the Junos with a bang. Literally. The place fills with fireworks, smoke and a bang as they begin singing “Something in Your Mouth”. The crowd goes wild, the place just alive with camera flashes. And the set ends with a swash of flame.

5:05pm – host Russell Peters takes the stage doing a couple of dance numbers, including some awkward break dancing.

“Seriously folks, I know this is Vancouver. But what’s with the grow op on stage?”

It’s true, the stage is a mix of industrial with the lush greenery in trippy colors, a hint to Vancouver’s “other” reputation. Russell takes some time to greet some of the stars, from Bryan Adams to Divine Brown, whom he gropes over a bit.

5:10 – KD Lang and Buffy Sainte-Marie present the award for Songwriter of the Year. And the winner is… Dallas Green! His thanks go out to everyone “who has ever tried to write their own song.”

5:15 – Sam Roberts Band, winners last night of Rock Album of the Year, take the stage to perform “Them Kids.” Video:

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The Substream’s Oscar Party and Contest

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A little while ago Arieanna and I were invited to an Oscar’s party hosted by our friends at It was a fun night, got to hang out with some friends at the Opus hotel watching the awards while the food and drinks kept flowing.

What they didn’t tell me before those martinis was that there was going to be a contest. I had to go on video to answer the question “What celebrity lights your fire”? and just to mix things up I gave a slightly unexpected answer:

You can watch the rest of the entries on the contest page.

Pretty much from the start two videos got the more votes: Colleen’s and mine. In the end it was a very tight race with votes piling up for both of us until the last moments. I was in bed, watching all this on my iPhone and I have no idea who was voting for me. Whoever you are THANKS!

I got the most votes and won a FlipCam, one night stay at the Opus hotel, a subscription and a Social Media Clup Pro membership. I’m looking forward to playing with the Flip on our trip next week.

Watch the recap video and winner announcement at thesubstream. And then stay a little while longer and watch some of their other videos.

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