31 Weeks and Counting

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We’ve passed 31 weeks in the pregnancy! We’re expecting the new baby in just about 8.5 weeks. And I’m so close to counting down the days! There’s still a lot of time left, but each day is definitely bringing new challenges!


When Vancouver had that record heat wave, I was definitely a mess. Feet so swollen I could barely walk. I was working on our couch at the time, since our house was being painted. That project took about 3 weeks, with our baby shower sandwiched in between.

Already it feels like a long time since that baby shower! The last two weeks have proven to be more challenging for me, pregnancy wise. I think I realize why people say the third trimester is hardest!

I was unable to return to working at my desk after our renovations were complete. The baby presses down and makes it difficult for me to breathe / for blood to circulate to my legs. So, I now work with my feet up on the couch, taking regular breaks to lie down or walk. This position has its problems for my neck and shoulder, of course. Sleeping is a whole other challenge. Despite being propped up – front and back – with loads of pillows, I have pain throughout the night. So, sleep is difficult. During the day, when the baby isn’t on my diaphragm, he’s often nudging his little rear up into my ribs or kicking the heck out of my mid-section. You add to that regular bouts of “pregnancy brain” (some of which I’m sure has to do with ups and downs in protein intake and glucose levels), and I’ve definitely been on a roller coaster.

That said, it’s not all horrible. I can still get away with eating spicy foods, and still enjoy coffee (though I’m back to decaf). Though I may be slow, I enjoy getting out and walking and, up until this week, was regularly attending a prenatal pilates class. It was fun! I’ve also love nesting in the baby’s room – now beautifully painted and adorned with all baby’s new furniture. And of course, as sore as his kicking can make me, I love feeling the baby twist and turn around and to see his little foot or arm push out my tummy.

We’ve already had our “tour” of the hospital in preparation for the birth. Next week we begin our prenatal classes. We also have another ultrasound to look forward to. So, we’re getting there. In retrospect, I’m sure the next 8 weeks will just fly by. For now, we’re just taking it a day at a time.

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