34 Weeks Pregnant

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We’re now 34 weeks and a handful of days into the pregnancy. On Friday, we had another ultrasound. Early in the pregnancy, it was determined that I had about a 30% chance of being placenta previa, so this ultrasound was to check on the position of the placenta. We’re happy to report everything is now as it should be, with the placenta on the anterior (front).


At the same time, we also checked the position of the baby. About two weeks prior to the ultrasound, baby boy had turned breech (bum down). He’s an active baby, even now, but at the time was making turns at least once a day (once I realized that’s what he was doing). As he grew bigger, it was a lot more uncomfortable for me when he’d decide to switch positions. Thankfully, perhaps by his own choice or some exercises I’d been doing, the baby turned back from the breech position and has remained head-down since late last week.

At 34 weeks, the baby has also started to “drop” slightly, making it a little easier on me for breathing, though increasing my low back pain and the intensity of my Braxton Hicks contractions. We still have 3 weeks until baby is considered “full term” (which he is considered from 37 to 42 weeks), though the doctor says that if labor starts now, it won’t be stopped. So he could really come any time! The ultrasound very rough estimate has baby at near to 6lbs already.

The pregnancy has progressed to the “very uncomfortable” stage. My pelvis and lower back are both pretty sore and loose, in preparation for the birth, and I have discomfort from the contractions and just the weight of the baby. I’m sure his kicks don’t help either ;) I also have a fair amount of water retention in my legs and feet, making them a bit sore.

We have completed 2 out of the 6 prenatal classes. Let’s hope we can finish the full 6 before baby is born!

6 Responses to “34 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. Ariane says:

    Wow, sounds you’re having a really rough last bit of this – but glad things are generally going well though. Wishing you guys all the best through the next month!

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  4. Snoeien says:

    P.s: Good luck with the motherhood!

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