Launching ActiveMama

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Today I “launched” my new mommy blog,!

activemama.jpg is my new mommy blog, a personal blog distinct from the one I’ve kept to date with my husband here at Ok, barely kept up to date. However, since becoming a mother, and deciding not to return to full-time work, I’ve felt like I’ve been bursting with stories to tell about parenthood and about Aiden, as well as about the products we’ve been using. It didn’t feel like blogaholics was the right “home” for that content.

So, ActiveMama was launched! The name came out of the fact that Aiden is, by some fluke, a “social” baby. It took me a while to realize this fact. He likes to go out every day. To see other babies and people, to try new things and to generally have new experiences. So, we lead an active lifestyle to satisfy his personal needs. It has, by extension, made my life quite an active one too!

I hope you enjoy this new blog and following along with our journey as Aiden grows up!

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