Capilano Suspension Bridge

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Capilano Suspension BridgeCapilano Suspension Bridge

A couple of weeks ago I went to Capilano Suspension Bridge with a cousin in town from Toronto. It is the first time I’ve been there in many many years, and I was quite pleasantly surprised.

I have many wonderful memories of Capilano Suspension Bridge from growing up in Vancouver. Over the last 10 years, it’s undergone a serious facelift. Part of me was very sad about this, and my last trip there (several years ago) I was sad to see the park so much more manicured. However, this latest trip I saw it with new eyes. For one reason, the changes have had a chance to “grow in” and, while it’s still rather a manicured adventure, I can appreciate it for that. Yes, it’s tourist-y, and yes it’s geared to families, but I think there’s something for everyone.

The second thing that really impressed me was the Treetops Adventure attraction. This takes the suspension bridge theme into the treetops, with suspension bridges up to 100ft off the ground, suspended in the trees. It’s done in a way that does no damage whatsoever to the trees, and even keep them strong and healthy (or so the signs said). We were there on a quiet day and had the whole treetop area to ourselves. It was a very unique way to experience the forest!

BC Residents can get a full-year pass for the price of one admission to the park. Not bad! Sadly, I didn’t know this before going to the park and, despite saying I was from BC, was not offered it at the ticket kiosk.

Visit the full set of photos here.

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