Self portrait and cold landscapes

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Here’s a self-portrait I actually like. I bounced the SB600 off a big white board. It’s not that easy taking self portraits with the D300 because when you use the timer it wants to focus when you press the trigger, not when the timer finishes, so it takes some trial and error to get the focus right. I guess a remote trigger may be in my future.

Self Portrait

Today I went for coffee and lunch at Cafe Crema in West Vancouver. After that I walked across the street to take some shots and this is some of what I got. I’m loving the local adjustments in Camera Raw, and how much faster Bridge is now.

Vancouver Winter

Vancouver Winter

Vancouver Winter

I went back to the cafe for another coffee and dessert. A very relaxing day.

Crema Cafe

Moja Coffee in North Vancouver

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We’ve spent the last few weeks enjoying our coffee from Moja Coffee in North Vancouver.

We’ve pretty much been living off their coffee since we discovered their cafe – highly recommend it if you are ever in North Van (though sadly they’re not open on weekends).

I just posted a review on Vancouver Coffee – check it out here.

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