New Railing

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Yesterday, our new railing was installed. We’re getting the railing installed between the dining room and sunken living room (as shown here), as well as up the stairs (to be completed next week).

New railing

The spindles are from BH Woodturning:

The railing is not bamboo, but was stained to match as closely as possible. You’ll see how closely when we take some higher resolution images. ;)

Renovations Day 6

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Today is Day 7 of the renovations, but here are some pictures from the progress made up until last night:

These are just photos from my iPhone, so I’ll upload better quality shots when everything’s all done.

Today they are going to finish the majority of the flooring, leaving only the stairs and finishing work. Progress! Still, we’re looking at a few more days of mess and chaos.

Renovation Progress – Day 5

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It’s day 5 of the major renovation of our floor. As I mentioned in my previous post, we hit a few snags in the demolition process. We ended up having to re-build the majority of the stairs and to grind down the concrete of the entrance. The whole process of demolition, plus these details, set us back a full day in the process. Today they began laying down the bamboo floor in the living room and part of the dining room:

Renovation in Progress

Our house is a dusty mess right now. But it’s great to feel that things are happening. I love love love the new stairs! I hated the design of the previous ones – though they flowed nicely, the sharp edge was just an accident waiting to happen. Here’s a before / after (well, so far).

Before PhotosRenovation in Progress

The stairs were also not to code because the railing had been removed, so that will go in later next week. But now that whole corner has much more room – it was essentially un-usable before.

The full renovation photo set can be found here.

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