Obama – 700 ways and counting

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And how many ways can you say "Obama Wins"? Well, at least 700! Check out this partial compilation of the 700 newspaper covers that ran the Obama story on the front page:

See the rest here.

If the world could vote

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For most of you, probably this poll is not new. But, on the eve before the United States goes to the polls to vote for the new President, Obama vs. McCain, it helps to have a little perspective. I typically would stay away from talking about politics in any form, but just simply: If the World could vote…

… Obama would win.

8 major newspapers conducted a worldwide(ish) poll testing the waters of who would win the vote, if we all had a say. Obama was the favoured candidate in all countries, with Canada chiming in with a 70% Obama vote. 75% of Canadians also indicated, in a follow-up question, that troops should be withdrawn from Iraq.

There is also an online poll, not connected with the above results, that is still ongoing at IfTheWorldCouldVote.com. As of the time of this post, Obama was the favoured candidate in most countries, with Canada chiming in with 88.5%

More on this story from CTV or the ITWCV FAQ.

Follow the full election coverage on http://election.twitter.com/ – yes, both Obama and McCain are on twitter.

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