An instance of teenager driving

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Take a bunch of teenagers, a bunch of Lucky beer, and a mountain. And this is what you get:

Beer + Teenagers + Parking = FAIL

Drunk teenagers driving up Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island. They ‘announced’ their arrival by driving into/onto a boulder at the edge of the parking lot. Lovely, no?

Random fact: did you know that Cumberland, BC is the "Luckiest Town in Canada"? In 2002, Labatt gave this honor to Cumberland based on the incredible rate of consumption of this beer – it took up a whole wall of the local liquor store. [wiki] I lived in Royston at the time, right next to Cumberland. I have never consumed Lucky Beer.

Salt Spring Island

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On the weekend I went to Salt Spring Island with my mother-in-law, Dora, and sister-in-law, Tamara. We stayed at a little bed & breakfast within walking distance of Ganges Village.

On the way to the island, I did a phone interview with Matt Czuchry, who was an actor on Gilmore Girls. It was a little stressful given that my cell coverage kept dropping out and my recording picked up so much interference, but it was fun! You can read the first part of the interview here.

As soon as we arrived to Salt Spring we drove to Salt Spring Island Bread to see the bread lady, Heather. We bought an obscene amount of bread from her – from sweet focaccia to onion bread to chocolate walnut bread. Tasty. And what’s bread without cheese? So, we then drove to Salt Spring Island Cheese to taste and load up on a variety of goat cheeses. And then to the Salt Spring Vineyards for a wine tasting – the blackberry port is amazing!

After a late dinner and a dip in the hot tub, while drinking wine & eating bread, of course, we called it a night! The next day we primarily spent at the Saturday Market, shopping the stalls, trying the foods and enjoying the beautiful day. We had an amazing lunch at the Tree House Cafe. Later that afternoon we drove up Mount Maxwell to check out the view.

Sunday was rainy, but we made good use of our time by going on the Studio Tour. Or, at least part of it. It’s a self-directed tour to some of the artisans who live on the Island. That kept us busy all day until we wrapped up our trip and came back to Vancouver.

A very relaxing weekend! You can check out the photo set here.

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