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In follow-up to my post last week comparing Twitterrific to Twinkle, there’s a new update to Twitterrific that fixes some of my annoyances with the app. Here’s a list of fixes & new features:

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To highlight, important changes include:

  • Contents of text field saved at quit
  • Can now take a photo or use an existing photo
  • Photos are saved to the camera roll
  • More tweets received during refresh (100 instead of 20)
  • Added an “everyone” setting from the public timeline
  • New location feature (like Twinkle) – with bonus options to add maps to your tweet
  • hashtag tweets are now linked to
  • Scroll positions are preserved

I’ll be downloading this tonight to play with it. But it sounds like a major upgrade. If the app crashes less & saves tweets that fail to upload, it may turn into my primary Twitter app on the iPhone.

Twitter on the iPhone: Twinkle vs Twitterrific

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Twinkle / Twitterrific

There are so many ways to Twitter from the iPhone – via SMS, via the web, or via a Twitter app. Currently I switch between two Twitter applications for the iPhone – Twinkle and Twitterrific. I’d much rather only use one application, but am stuck using both for now. Here’s a comparison chart (based on my experience) to explain why:



Style Design makes it easier to scan Clean interface but slower to scan
When posting fails You get an error message & need to retry Message goes poof
Location Aware Yes – though I’d rather turn "Nearby" off No
Cost Free Ad supported or Paid
Images in Tweets Yes – take photo or use existing Yes, use existing only – though I’ve yet to post one due to issue #2
Reply features Easier to send direct messages ; replying not as intuitive though Interface doesn’t make it easy to send direct messages ; icons used for reply functions
Navigation Single click to view message Double click to view message (a little annoying)
Links Open in new browser window Open in embedded nav window (so you never leave the app – faster)
Speed Opens quickly & scans quickly Can drag if you’re scrolling
User Profiles Shows profile & many of the latest tweets Shows profile & followers, but no stream of tweets
Issues Was showing me DMs by people I don’t follow. There were profiles I did not want to see. Unknown if this is fixed. Tends to crash a lot.

Neither application makes it very easy to click to people’s profiles that you don’t subscribe to (to follow @name links) or to follow new users. The photo features keep me locked into Twinkle, while the embedded browser keeps me locked into Twitterrific.

What do you think? Do you use either of these applications?

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