Baby’s Room is Ready

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We’re now 34 weeks into the pregnancy and the baby’s room, for the most part, is completely ready for his arrival. I’ve been “nesting” for a while now, so it’s both comforting and sad that his room is ready – sad because now I have nothing left to “nest” with!

The baby's roomBaby's Room

The baby’s room is painted in two colors from Benjamin Moore with their Aura series paint, which is what we used for the entire house. The top color is Limesickle, 2145-50, and the bottom is Guilford Green, HC-116. We had a simple chair rail installed in white, which is the same as the crown and baseboards, which you can’t see in the photo. The curtains in the room are from Pottery Barn Kids and feature a green and white stripe with brown stitching accent stripes.

The crib, dresser / hutch and side table are a part of the Rossport collection from College Wood Work. The crib converts to a day bed then to a double bed, so it was a good investment piece. Adding the hutch to the dresser gives us a lot of extra storage, though there’s also a pretty decently-sized closet in the room (not pictured). The chair is a leather glider recliner from Dutailier, though it is last year’s model (Intermezzo series). We got it at a discount, and I actually prefer it to this year’s model. Since it doesn’t “look” like a nursery glider, we’ll be able to transition it to our living room eventually.

As you walk into the room, the crib is straight ahead from the door, against an inside wall. Behind the crib we have the artwork our friends and family made at the baby shower. To the right of the crib is the hutch, while to the left is the chair & side-table in front of the window. The door is on the same wall as the closet, neither of which are pictured.

31 Weeks and Counting

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We’ve passed 31 weeks in the pregnancy! We’re expecting the new baby in just about 8.5 weeks. And I’m so close to counting down the days! There’s still a lot of time left, but each day is definitely bringing new challenges!


When Vancouver had that record heat wave, I was definitely a mess. Feet so swollen I could barely walk. I was working on our couch at the time, since our house was being painted. That project took about 3 weeks, with our baby shower sandwiched in between.

Already it feels like a long time since that baby shower! The last two weeks have proven to be more challenging for me, pregnancy wise. I think I realize why people say the third trimester is hardest!

I was unable to return to working at my desk after our renovations were complete. The baby presses down and makes it difficult for me to breathe / for blood to circulate to my legs. So, I now work with my feet up on the couch, taking regular breaks to lie down or walk. This position has its problems for my neck and shoulder, of course. Sleeping is a whole other challenge. Despite being propped up – front and back – with loads of pillows, I have pain throughout the night. So, sleep is difficult. During the day, when the baby isn’t on my diaphragm, he’s often nudging his little rear up into my ribs or kicking the heck out of my mid-section. You add to that regular bouts of “pregnancy brain” (some of which I’m sure has to do with ups and downs in protein intake and glucose levels), and I’ve definitely been on a roller coaster.

That said, it’s not all horrible. I can still get away with eating spicy foods, and still enjoy coffee (though I’m back to decaf). Though I may be slow, I enjoy getting out and walking and, up until this week, was regularly attending a prenatal pilates class. It was fun! I’ve also love nesting in the baby’s room – now beautifully painted and adorned with all baby’s new furniture. And of course, as sore as his kicking can make me, I love feeling the baby twist and turn around and to see his little foot or arm push out my tummy.

We’ve already had our “tour” of the hospital in preparation for the birth. Next week we begin our prenatal classes. We also have another ultrasound to look forward to. So, we’re getting there. In retrospect, I’m sure the next 8 weeks will just fly by. For now, we’re just taking it a day at a time.

Ultrasound Video

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Along with a CD of images from our 3D ultrasound, we also got the full hour in video! Of course, most of the video was trying to line up frames to look at or were unsuccessful attempts at seeing the baby’s face. However, Ianiv edited the video down to just the best portions:

Pretty cool, hey? The actual DVD they gave us has a lullaby as the soundtrack, which was a nice touch.

We’re Having a Boy!

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If you missed the news on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, we’re having a boy!! Right after we came back from Victoria, we had a 3D ultrasound. If you’ve been following our story, you’ll know that our little guy didn’t co-operate at the 19-week ultrasound. While we wanted to know the sex of our baby, the umbilical cord was right between the baby’s legs and there was no way to tell the gender!

So, we waited somewhat impatiently for 23 weeks in our pregnancy to go for a 3D ultrasound at the Som Visao Spa. Since we wanted to know the gender, and you need to pay for ultrasounds that are for “entertainment” only (i.e. not for medical reasons), we figured, why not? 3D sounded more fun! Ok, the images are a little weird if it’s not your baby, because they are so clear, in a way.

3D Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound

Our little guy wanted us to know he was a boy right away – his legs wiiiiide open. In fact, his feet stayed up around his face for nearly an hour that we were in there! I think the technician was getting a little frustrated trying to get us a picture of his face. Whenever his feet would move down, he’d put up his hands or he’d be moving too quickly (he is a very active baby!) to capture the picture.

That said, we got a few good shots, and we were excited to see our baby! Check out those lips!! You can see all our ultrasound pics in this set.

Before you ask: no, we have not picked a name yet. We’re working on it. In all likelihood, we’ll narrow it down to a few choices and will pick and/or announce his name after he’s born. :)

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

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After our tour in the Royal BC Museum, we took a Harbour Ferry across the bay to Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub. I believe we were supposed to have had a tour of the Bay, but the Ferry lost our reservation or something like that. On our lunch, we were joined by a rep from Tourism Victoria, who helped to set up our lunch and visit at Spinnakers.

Image: miss604

Spinnakers sits on a huge piece of land overlooking the harbour – their property includes the Brewpub, as well as a number of Guest Houses (they operate like a B&B for these) we also had a chance to tour. I was expecting, for lunch, that we’d all just be ordering off the menu. Not so! There was a huge meal planned, with 5 courses of food, 3 wine pairings, 3 beer & chocolate pairings, and liquor and cheese pairing to finish off. Crazy!

The lunch started off with a plate of cheeses & fish, followed by a salad, mussels, clams, and pork & risotto (miss604 has great photos of each dish). If you’re thinking this doesn’t sound like food a pregnant woman should be eating, you’re right! After the plates started coming out, we had to ask that a special meal be prepared for me – I got to eat a cheese-less salad and a mushroom & chicken pasta. Most of the ingredients at Spinnakers are local or organic, and the herbs are even partially grown on their guest house properties!

New Media in New Victoria

While I did miss out on all the fantastic wines and beers, I did have a chance to enjoy the O de Vie, a mineral water that bubbles up from an aquifer 225ft beneath the brewhouse. Delish. And I have to say I probably wasn’t the only one who felt spoiled after such an elaborate lunch – ok, everyone else probably felt it more than I did, what with all the wine & beer consumed, and the fabulous service we had while there!

Spinnakers, as Canada’s first purpose-built brewpub, has a long history of making beer. They produce at least 10 types of ale (no lager) on-site, and take great pride in the process. I know Ianiv had a couple of glasses of their Nut Brown Ale, with the Hefeweizen being a crowd favorite as well.

Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to try their Malt Vinegar, and I swear I mentioned that several times after I left there. Note to self: when pregnant, satisfy cravings! I’m going to need to go back sometime for their fish & chips so I can have one of their naturally brewed vinegars!

Not making the same mistake twice, we stopped at the Spinnakers giftshop on our way out to load up on cookies and toffees and more of the truffles that were served with the beer. Why not, right?

Treasures at the Royal BC Museum

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I have to admit, this is the part of our trip to Victoria that I was most looking forward to! The trip to the Royal BC Museum. We only had 2 hours scheduled, but that’s probably enough waddling for this pregnant woman, despite how much more time I would have liked to have had.

Since this wasn’t our first trip to the museum, we concentrated on the Treasures: The World’s Cultures from the British Museum exhibit, which will be on show until September 30, 2009.

Images: Royal BC Museum

This exhibit contains 309 objects on loan from the British Museum, including a complete mummy that’s never been unwrapped. The whole collection is meant to span human history, from early axe heads and the development of creative forms of expression right up to ‘today’. I could do without the most recent stuff, but I thought they had some great items on display. I’ve always been fascinated with archaeology (even took a course in University, if you can believe it!), and with Egypt in particular.

After spending most of our time in this exhibit, we made a quick trip into our favorite part of the Museum, the Natural History and Modern History galleries.

New Media in New Victoria

New Media in New Victoria

As parents-to-be, we were conjuring up images of taking our family to the museum. It’s only too bad that it’s not in Vancouver, as we could imagine spending many weekends going through the exhibits each year. These galleries, in particular, offer something very tangible to young kids – being able to walk through the HMS Discovery or the city street… amazing. I have a few memories of being there as a kid and I just loved it!

Later in the day, we wanted to return for one of the IMAX shows, but we weren’t able to walk back quickly enough to make the showing we wanted. Instead, we had a nice nap before heading out for dinner.

15th Annual BC Wine & Oyster Festival at Victoria’s Coast Hotel

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The last week just flew by, but I never did finish talking about our fantastic ‘New Victoria for New Media’ trip. With a little time now, I’m going to try to wrap that up!

After our trip to Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse, our bus took us to check in at
Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina. The hotel is located about 5 minutes walk from the main city center in Victoria, which was a nice place to be. Aside from the easy walking distance, they also have a hotel shuttle that can take you, or pick you up, from wherever you want to go in the city. As you can see, we had an amazing view from our room!

New Media in New Victoria

As if the cider weren’t enough for one day, just 30 minutes after checking into our hotel, we headed out for the 15th Annual BC Wine & Oyster Festival, which was being held at the hotel. Apparently, the website for that festival is already down (permalinks, people!), but it was a great event and very well attended.

New Media in New Victoria

Obviously, being pregnant, I wasn’t able to drink any of the wine or to eat any of the oysters. Well, I’m not an oyster fan anyway. But I did come along to enjoy the view, chow on some cheese (yay, they had pasteurized brie!!) and partake of the chocolate fountain. Ianiv hasn’t been drinking much either in the past several months, so he didn’t go crazy with the free alcohol. I think he had a couple of beers (yes, they had beer there too!) and maybe one glass of wine. If you go to the festival in another year, definitely take the time to read up about the beer and wine beforehand so you know what you want to try – so many choices!

New Media in New Victoria

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