The Shaved Bumblebee

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Artist: Till Nowak

Take imagination to the next level – imagine a naked bumblebee! This piece of digital art was greated by Till Nowak of Germany. The story behind the work: Bernard the bumblebee wanted to impress his friends. They were bored and switched on the electric shaver. So Bernard shaved off his fur – his friends laughing on, Bernard realized he didn’t like what he saw in the mirror.

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Custom Coffins

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There is a business in Ghana that creates custom coffins no other custom shop does. These ‘bespoke’ luxury coffins are created to reflect a person’s life.

From an airplane to a lion to a shoe or a Coke bottle (shown), the shop fills orders for customers all around the world. And has been since the 1950s.

Asked about the most unusual design Doku’s company has been commissioned to produce Doku, without a second’s hesitation, said: "That’s easy, it was back in 1992. A German doctor called us and ordered the womb of a woman."

The company is run by Emmanuel Doku and was started with the inspiration of another called Ataa Owuo. With Ataa’s grandmother died, he realized she had never travelled anywhere during her life. So he made her an airplane coffin "to take her to heaven."

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Stained Glass or… ?

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This is actually packing tape on plexiglass. The artist, Mark Khaisman, has created a whole series of beautiful creations he calls ‘tapeworks.’ Some are on plexiglass like the one above, in many different styles. Some are simply tape on the wall. There is something so appealing about the tones created with the packing tape. Perhaps because they remind me of sepia-toned photographs.

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Brand Irony by Sharad Haksar

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Sharad Haksar and agency 1pointsize took this photograph as an example of the ironic use of brands in India. I like this one because it works on so many levels – not just the boy making use of the wall, but also the fact that he has no shoes at all, let alone Nike shoes.

Sharad’s website features many more examples of these marketing-meets-life contrasts. A Coca-Cola ad next to a water pump and pitchers. Bose speakers tied to a tree.

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Gastown Photowalk Video

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Last week I went on a photowalk around Gastown with a bunch of awesome people. I took some video of the event and put together a short clip with some highlights. In particular, I wanted to get Jordan Behan’s first impressions of the Nikon D80 that Nikon sent to him to try out. He had just received it that morning and was using it for the first time in the photowalk. You can see what he has to say at the end of the clip.

Click To Play

In the end Jordan may have been a little confused, but he was certainly very happy to have the chance to play with the camera. I wouldn’t mind playing with one myself (Nikon: *hint, hint*) ;)

Pac-Man Skeleton

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It’s a Pac-Man day. First, I added the Pac-Man game to my Facebook profile – I love the new apps – and here, the Pac-Man skeleton. Kinda creepy.


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Caricatures by Vizcarra

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Vizcarra creates some amazing charicatures of famous people and characters from tv, music, politics and history. From CSI to Elijah Wood and many more. The gallery is well worth a look.

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