Art with crayons

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Who knew you could create amazing pieces of art with crayons. Thing is, it’s not what you think. No drawing is involved.

It is, in fact, art with crayons. The crayons are the art. Carved into amazing figures by diem chau. Here is his piece called "Installation View"

His mediums are extensive. From crayons "grandma in beehive" (below) to "pencil girl" (below) to paint, traditional or not, all in rich and vibrant tones of life.

Diem chau considers himself a storyteller:

I consider myself an artist whose medium is stories, especially those that are primarily passed on orally. Coming from a nomadic childhood, what few possessions my family had were necessities. The things of greatest value to us were stories contributed by friends and family. Embedded in these stories are connections to the past, our culture and an occasional escape from reality.

Impressive work. Have a look at diem chau‘s website.

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Peter Callesen Paper Cuts

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Peter Callesen, a Danish artist, makes a simple piece of A4 Paper into a work of intricate and beautiful art:

Down the River, (detail) 2005

Distant Wish, (detail) 2006

Fire Escape Unable to Escape Fire, 2006

Amazing stuff. Go see the rest of his portfolio.

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How to carve a pumpkin that rocks

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I think even with a how-to tutorial as good as this one from Ray Villafane, my pumpkin would still look like a lump of orange that a chainsaw attacked.

Just as nice as last year’s Extreme Jack’s

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DRM-free recordings from the Philadelphia Symphony

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This is pretty cool. The Philadelphia Orchestra has launched an online store with DRM-free recordings of its performances:

This service allows fans to buy and download files of soundboard recordings from current Philadelphia Orchestra performances very soon after the performance has happened. These audio recordings are mixed and mastered each night by the Orchestra’s sound engineers.

Ok, so another music store. But the files have no copy protection (they say “hackle-free unencrypted files”) and they are offered in two formats: MP3 and Flac. The MP3s are encoded at 256 kbps VBR so the quality is pretty good, but with the Flac files you get the original 44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo audio.

The price of the recordings I checked was $4.99 for the MP3s and $5.99 for the Flac format (Flac files are larger and presumably cost them more to distribute).

Amazing wind powered sculptures

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Thanks to Travis for pointing me to this video. These sculptures are amazing.

Heinz Designr

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Design your own Heinz label, and print it out for your next classy event. Wouldn’t this be great for a wedding kids party?

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The Year of Coffee Blog, the video

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It all started on January 1st, 2005 when Lloyd Asato decided to document every cup of coffee he would drink that year:

"The year is 2005 and it is time to reflect upon my life and there is no better accomplement than a freshly brewed cup of Peets. Thus begins The Year of Coffee, an honest look through the lense of Major Dickason. I secretly hope that I live something heroic or tragic though I suspect it may be a fluffy romantic comedy. Whatever is revealed will be shared here. It begins as an unflinching search for truth, but may end up as just a photo album of mugs of coffee."

And Lloyd did just that. Every day he would a picture (or two) of a cup of coffee, along with some quick comment, a glipse of the events in Lloyd’s day. On December 31, 2005 he posted the 1000th picture:

"I did not achieve enlightenment, but it did warm me up. My one-thousandth cup of 2005 was a latte from that place at the end of Mill Avenue. It was yummy, though the pastry sucked."

On Sunday he posted a video of the first 1000 cups, it takes less than 2 minutes to see them all.

And The Year of Coffee Blog continues, 1235 cups and counting.

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